Discontinuing direct payment from airbnb for cohosts

has anybody prepared for when Airbnb stops paying out co-hosts?

I read the lovely new email today about it.
Text is below.

We recently announced that we’re removing the co-host split payout feature as of August 1. The co-hosting program will continue; only the payment system will change. We understand this may impact how you do business, so we want to give you background on why this change was made, along with some suggestions for how you can get paid now.

When we originally added the split payout feature, the co-hosting program was much smaller. But as the community grew, we realized the feature was no longer addressing all the needs of hosts and co-hosts or meeting our internal standards. We know this feature is important to certain co-hosts and will keep you posted as we work on a new one and continue to improve the co-hosting program.

For now, here are some other payment options to consider with your host:

Hosts can split guest payment with you in their account settings. They will need your permission and account details, as well as the agreed payout percentage.

Explore alternate payment methods outside of Airbnb, such as secure online payment apps, bank transfers, checks, or cash.

If you and your host don’t set up another payment method, all payments will go exclusively to the host after August 1.

We sincerely apologize for any challenges this change may introduce and hope this gives you some context and takeaways. Thank you for co-hosting—and being a part of the global host community.

The Airbnb team
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Airbnb Ireland

In order to calculate and automate co-hosts payments after 1st of August, we have created a solution as Your Porter App.

At the end of each month, you can calculate the commission you earn (or pay) according to your rules. Let’s say 100% of the cleaning fee and 20% of the accommodation fee.

We calculate this amount for all of your listings, create and send an invoice to your homeowner/landlord and ask them to complete the payment online.

Very easy to use and the exact solution Airbnb suggested in the email above.

You can calculate and automate co-host payments using Your Porter App.