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Disclosure of personal details


Having just recieved notification that Airbnb are obliged to provide my personal details to Irish Revenue, I would like to know how this is possible under Data Protection law? Have we unwittingly agreed to this kind of disclosure in the general terms and conditions?


So data protection doesn’t apply then?i am not aware of giving Airbnb permission to share my details with anyone??


Actually have just found the small print that does indeed allow airbnb to disclose this to any Revenue service - so I should have been more rigerous I guess!


AirBnb is simply providing INCOME information to tax authorities that are required to collect that information to ensure you are reporting accurate tax details. They are not sending information about the colour of your undies, or some other perceived private data.


If the only provide your income info and only to your revenue services- as long as you are paying the taxes you have nothing to worry.


If your concerned about data leakage, checkout the verification process. This is outsourced by AirBnb to a US company that states upfront that they do not intend to restrict use of your private data. They retain the right to SELL it for whatever reason they want. So if you upload your passport or drivers licence or both, they are publicly for sale.

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