Disclosing location of exterior security cameras - counterproductive

I probably didn’t make it clear that we live in the same building as one of the studios. Then there is an adjacent building which houses the second studio right next to our house which is also on the same property. The cameras are supposed to cover both our home and the studios.

How does that affect the ‘need’ for hidden cameras?

I’m at a loss here…

As you mentioned before security cameras may also act as a deterrent when installed in plain sight. I don’t disagree with that.

At the same time I’d assume that there might be robbers who would “go the extra mile” of trying to remove or disable any camera that they discover.

Hence my “need” of what, I assume, you call “hidden cameras”, that are installed in hard to reach spaces in a less obvious manner in order to still catch any illegal actions.

Is that such an absurd thought process?

I agree it is absurd, I forgot to add the ‘sarcasm’ emoji when I proposed it for you.

You’ve made that abundantly clear now - still it’s not making it easier for me to understand what you mean.

I do the same thing. Years ago, I set up a second bank account. It was set up so I could easily transfer money into it online. I use the card linked to that account when I travel.
Now I also use it for automatic debit payments, too, since some companies are charging for using credit cards to make payments.

Although many people these days seldom carry cash, and using debit and credit cards is normally convenient, it also has its drawbacks.

I had a guest recently who had flown to Mexico on vacation and forgotten her debit card. She had a credit card, but because she only used it for online purchases, she had never pinned it or forgotten the old pin. So she couldn’t use it to get a cash advance at an ATM.
Her CC provider said she could pin the card, but it would take 2 weeks for it to be activated.

As Mexico is still a primarily cash society, unless you eat at 5 star restaurants and shop at big box stores (of which there aren’t any in my town), she was in a very difficult situation.

Small stores and mom and pop restaurants here don’t have credit card machines, so even if the pin was active, it wouldn’t have helped.

Luckily I had enough pesos on hand to be able to offer her the equivalent of about $180 so she could buy groceries, etc. and she just did an online transfer to my bank account for it.

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No, it isn’t and it’s a stupid example they gave because I have never seen a camera mounted “in the front yard”.

But it doesn’t say exact location so if one reads it as written, a host doesn’t have to say the camera is mounted 6 inches above the left side of the garage door, they just have to say “Front of house”, and “Monitors driveway and front porch”.