Disappointed with review

Disappointed with review from last guests. Said my kitchen and common areas were not clean and needed attention. It was spotless when they arrived. When they left I found three nonstick frypans destroyed with metal objects obviously used to scratch food. I gave them a review before I discovered the frypans and then they revised about the level of cleanliness in my house. There were 12 adults and three children in their group and I feel slighted that they did not review honestly.

I feel for you. Did your guests mark you down stars just for cleanliness, or for the overall?

Also, this is why I do not have nonstick pots & pans in my listing. The ones I have are also dishwasher safe so I don’t have to worry about people ruining them.

What does that mean?

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I figured @dexta had just made a typo and meant “reviewed”? Hopefully they will be back to tell us.

It isn’t too late to ask for reimbursement for the pans.