Disappearing Lamps

I’ve had another table lamp disappear… one of a matching set of bedside lamps. Obviously I’ll put a claim through to Airbnb, but I imagine they’ll only cover the cost of one lamp and I’ll be left with an odd one out.

Does this happen to anyone else with regularity, or do I just have careless guests who like to hide evidence of their damage? Any tips for how to prevent guests from knocking over my lamps??

Get lamps that mount to the wall on each side.

Never, not even when I had a table lamp.


Oh, in my case is the disappearing usb chargers. I think they pack them without thinking.
As for table lamps, no, never happened.

You can put some light fixtures on the wall though, there’s the only thing I can think of. I bought mines at thrift stores or from people who downsized. These way I didnt pay an arm and a leg, if anything happened to them.

We have never lost anything. Not a charger station or a towel or a lamp. Nothing.

But then we live in this house, so we’re always here when guests are here.

Never. (And remember how long I’ve been doing this :slight_smile: ).

I’ve had items disappear, only to find them in weird places. I once had a cheap-as-chips vase broken but that’s about all. @KKC has the best idea - go for wall mounted.


Is that the electrical supply running up the wall? It’s a great idea, but I don’t want to install anything permanent (it’s a rental condo and the owner wouldn’t appreciate new wiring) .

So, this is at least the 2nd lamp to disappear, but they were not in the same room and not from the same set. I’m going with guests breaking the lamps and throwing them away. It’s certainly possible the guest tried to cover up the damage by hiding the “corpse” and not telling you about it. Did you look for broken lamp pieces in the trash?

If they were fragile, make sure to replace them with lamps that are more robust, and of course, not expensive.

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I buy cheap Walmart USB lamps. No one has taken yet.

Looks like surface mount conduit. They are popular for running wires on top of the wall without doing permanent damage (e.g. wall mounted TVs, etc.), but that looks like something that came with the lamp.

I have lamps with wooden bases, so if they’re knocked over, they won’t break.

There are wall-mounted lamps that are plug-in. Sometimes they come with this conduit-like cover for the wire. You’d have to make a couple of holes to mount them but they will just plug-in like any lamp.

Yes, it plugs into the wall. I got this online somewhere but IKEA has tons of them that plug in and have an inline switch.

They tend to be under $30 too which is great.

Hey, wasn’t The Case of the Disappearing Lamps a Nancy Drew book?

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