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Difficult guest requested a refund

My daughter hosts and notes a lovely valley view in her description. The heavy rain has made everything grow like crazy. Consequently a guest complained that the view was obstructed and didn’t want to stay. My daughter contacted airbnb and did a 50% refund. However, she was under the impression that Airbnb gave them a further refund or credit. Has anyone heard of that?

Could I get a 50% refund and still stay there? If so please send a link to the listing. LOL.

That’s crazy. Airbnb is selling accommodations, not views.

I’m sure that if he was your host, you wouldn’t feel comfortable as a guest. Because he’s probably like that person who says, “dry the inside of the shower after use”.

Even if you’re in the same business, there are things to notice, but still, one has got to understand that everybody is not going to have the same standard as they. You have a reasonable expectation of cleanliness, and also a reasonable expectation of amenities needed. Every host is not going to have everything. So he went there just to nitpick. He didn’t notice what was good about your place, he just noticed what was bad about it.

Some guests are not worth having. I wouldn’t refund a dime. Although, it’s not like you do have a say there, as Airbnb might just refund it to him out of your purse. But i’ll take it up with Airbnb and the host.

I get tired of people expecting everything to be perfect while they are using the Airbnb platform. I am in the Airbnb business to make an extra income, and yes it is fun to meet people from different backgrounds but, what it isn’t fun is to be dealing with the abusers that just want free stays for the most ridiculous reasons.

I keep saying “if you want a FIVE STAR hotel stay, PAY a five star hotel price”.

Airbnb offers an alternative way of saving money to the guest and a stream revenue to the host. But how am I going to make a profit if I have to keep replacing stuff in the house to make people happy or catering to people’s ridiculous ‘needs’.
Don’t get me wrong, I provided the best service and top cleaning facilities in my units. I am a super host, but if there is no 'butter or beef knives" GO GET SOME or go to stay in hotel and pay hotel prices, they make the right amount of money to please or cater to people’s needs.

Yes, it happens all the time.

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