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Differing information between public listing and stats

The first picture shows what potential guests see in terms of my overall star ratings. The second picture is what shows on my stats page. To guests, it looks like I have half 5 star reviews and half 3 star, when in fact it’s mostly 5, a couple 4 and only a single 3.

Is this how it works for others?

Are you sure you’re not comparing a listing rating to a host rating?

Hello @hypertokyo. I’m not sure what the difference is. I’m pretty sure I’m looking at my reviews in both my listing page and my stats page.

I’ve been having a problem for months with my stats page. In my case the listing shows (correctly) 218 reviews. The stats page shows (incorrectly) 200 reviews. I’ve spoken with several Airbnb representatives each of who says they will escalate my problem to the “Bug Team”. Apparently, these “teams” can’t be contacted directly and we all know the perils of indirect communication. If I were you I’d call Airbnb. From my experience, be prepared to explain the mechanics to the representative. I had to explain to a representative that a guest can’t leave a review without leaving a star rating in the Overall category. Good luck.

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