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Different Profile photos - perhaps a bit hazardous


while looking for my own listing, this one popped up:


Any thoughts on that.
Although many of the reviews are tagged: family trip, the third profile photo is … well … a bit off.


Let’s just hope their guests expect the mermaid to be present during their stay!


We have a “show-off” body for such a short time in our lives, I think, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it—appropriately”, meaning if someone wants to show off at a club or adult beach, Do it!

However showing off at work or in a place that makes others uncomfortable or sends the wrong message—don’t do it. Airbnb is work for me.

It is a clever bar. The model would send a better family-themed message a little more covered.


My response? Tacky! Seeing that I would go not further. Not read a word. Go elsewhere.


In that particular area there is actually a lot of sex turism …and the 3rd profile photo is showing a model site …

I was a bit surprised of families booking there …I though attract single guys or a group of them …


I really liked Herradura winter rates and occupancy. There is nothing like that I could find in Southern Europe.

Thank you @AlexSJ for pointing in the right direction :slight_smile:
I’ll have a closer look at that area.

I hope it’s not Pattaya, Thailand and not all about sex tourism. BTW, Pattaya city hall promotes their place as top family fun destination :wink:

Views from properties of the bay on air look absolutely astounding.


It’s nothing like that … this is much more laid back, but it can certainly be found.

PM for more information, I live in Punta Leona so I know a bit about this area.
Here is my fav shot from last week …


@AlexSJ thanks a lot. Gorgeous pic!

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