Did getting a superhost status changed anything?

Hello everybody,
I wonder if you’ve gone any changes when getting your badge? Did you get more bookings? Did you raise your pricing?


I actually posted a similar question. I don’t plan to change anything if I do get my badge because I don’t want to lose it! I would think that getting more bookings would happen because it’s a distinguishing characteristic, a way to set apart from similarly priced listings and a way to filter results. But I wouldn’t want to raise my rates because then I wouldn’t probably get as many 5-star reviews in the future because my perceived value would go down.

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Some hosts here say that being a SH brings particularly picky guests. We became Super Hosts quite quickly and I haven’t seen an advantage (or a disadvantage). I really doubt that it means very much to most guests.


i’ve been superhost for awhile; the only difference is when i have to call airbnb to resolve a problem. it seems to make a difference to them…


It stands to reason that it doesn’t hurt, since when guests are looking at large they see the badge and probably assume the host is ‘some kind of an award winner’. LoL

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I’ve been a Superhost since July 14 and my bookings for Oct/Nov/Dec are dead. June-September were booked fairly solid because that’s high season & SH didn’t make a bit of difference then (I had more vacancies for Aug/Sept than I did for June/July). SH doesn’t appear to be making any difference for me in the off-season either.


Lol! Where is the slovenly hosts badge? I think I’ve stayed in a few of those, usually run by single men (not offense folks, in my experience they’ve not been hosts big on decor, fluffy towels & clean kitchens! He he) lovely people though

But air have introduced a new option where you can filter hosts for superhosts!
Or has that option always been there for guests searching?

I started an Instagram account of my Airbnb :). That’s the change I made. Also increased the price a little, but that’s mostly because I have more reviews than most airbnb’s in the area. Loads of new ones in town here!

Just get our second Superhost status. Doesn’t seem to change much. Does make us feel good though. A bit like those natty little badges the staff get at Maccas. Means little to the customers but makes the staff feel like they are being recognised.

I’ve gotten at least two bookings from having SH status that I know of. The European guests (one German, one Dutch) told me that after some bad experiences they started using that filter in their search. I can’t tell if I have more bookings overall or not. I got SH status after my first quarter and never lost it so I really don’t have anything to compare to. Too many things have changed since my first quarter of hosting. Although many will say it just brings trouble in the form of high maintenance guests I haven’t found that to be the case. (160+ guests over 2.5 years)