Did anyone watch today's announcement? Comments?

Looks like lots of changes coming to the look of the site for both Guests and Hosts. He stated they are expanding thier CS staff by 2Xs.

Any comments?

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Doubling the number of incompetent, ill-trained CS staff doesn’t sound like an improvement to me. So now we’ll have to wait less time to receive unhelpful, bad service? What exciting news!


Just skimmed the 100 + new things they are bringing in. Only one of interest was the ability to challenge a review!


One article mentioned this phrase: “Experienced hosts will get priority access to the “most experienced” help agents” That will be fine for me but some poor new host will get some CS newbie who is almost as confused as they are.


“We’ve made it even easier to become a host”

This was presented as a positive thing… ugggghhhh


The mention about reviews only applies to guests who violate our party policy. At least it’s something.

The worst thing I saw was making it just a few clicks to start hosting. I did not think they could lower the bar any further to become a host.



Seem to be pushing Experiences, none in my area.
Also - asking other hosts for assistance… really? I am flat out managing my listings, let alone trying to give help or advice and then some know nothing CS will contradict me!


We already do that here.


As @kkc said this forum provides support.
I also refer to the Airbnb platform Host Community for help too.

Sounds like Airbnb is broadening it’s use of the community.
Home Depot is a big user of crowd sourced Q&A. If a customer asks a question about a product, they send an email to a select group of verified purchasers & ask if they can answer.

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I have no problem giving advice on interactive forums like this. However, I hate the requests from Home Depot, Amazon, etc. about products. I feel like I’m doing the vendor and Amazon’s work for them.


My first go round with Air starting in 2015 didn’t know about this forum, I just winged it and it was a good experience. Don’t think I found this till I was getting ready to move. Anyway, I’m glad I know about it because in just getting started again there are lots of tweaks I’ve made to my listing.
And as to Air’s 100 new changes, wish I could give it a pass, I already have a hard time remembering where to go to adjust this or that.


Sadly, it’s all pretty underwhelming from my perspective.

My highlights & lowlights :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

41. Become a Host in 10 steps

It’s never been easier to list your space on Airbnb, and get help along the way.

We’re driving so many experienced and knowledgeable hosts away, we need as much fresh cannon fodder as possible.

44. Host testimonials

A library of valuable articles and videos to inspire new and existing Hosts.

Inspire… hmmm.

51. Suggested title

Automatic text suggestion for creating a compelling listing title based on info provided.

Seriously? If a potential host can’t work that one out after perusing existing listings, maybe they should consider doing something else with their property.

45. What’s my place worth?

Updated calculator helps you quickly estimate the earnings potential of your space.

54. Suggested price range

We now provide an estimated price range for your space based on comparable listings.

Roll up, roll up, the race to the bottom starts here!

57. New listing welcome

When you complete your new listing, Sandy and Brian will be there to celebrate the moment.

Of course they will…

59. Intro to hosting classes

Online classes led by Superhosts help new Hosts get up and running as quickly as possible.

So, how much do these trainers get paid? I’ll bet I know :rofl:

79. Streamlined reviews flow

An easier way for guests to submit reviews that provide Hosts with useful feedback.

Easier is always better.

80. Detailed feedback

Feedback cues prompt guests to leave more actionable and detailed reviews for Hosts.

81. More feedback categories

New categories in the review flow help guests give a comprehensive summary of their stay.

82. Updated reviews

Guests now have a fuller spectrum, from critiques to compliments, to rate their stay…at last!

Wait a minute, I thought it was going to be easier! Now there is even more areas for guests to rip you a new one, because the sea wasn’t blue enough :wink:

92. Dedicated Superhost line

Enhanced, dedicated support for Superhosts—North America initially, globally by year-end.

Wait a sec, didn’t we have this before? Oh yes, you sacked all the CS so that went by the by.

101. More support agents

We’ve expanded our global support staffing by 2x to better serve our community.

So essentially that’s twice as many poorly paid and poorly trained Filipinos, ready to dish out twice as much incorrect, contradictory and misleading guidance to hosts and guests. Great.

Now for the highlights. Wait a minute, there aren’t any :frowning_face:

I’m a bit disappointed, I was hoping for more that’d benefit existing hosts. This update leans heavily towards enticing new hosts, both for stays and experiences.

The “community” thing is getting pushed, however unfortunately for hosts who have had issues with Airbnb over the past wee while, feeling part of a “community” doesn’t pay the bills.

Maybe I’m being overly cynical here, but this Airbnb family/community bollocks is starting to grate with me. It’s not a “family”, it’s not a “community”, it is an online advertising company whose behaviour towards hosts is pretty piss poor when compared to Vrbo and BDC.

Slow day today… :wink:



As a retired teacher I’m used to society expecting me to do more than my share of the work helping to answer questions. :wink: I guess that’s why it doesn’t bug me most the time.

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My favorite line. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes we do, and in many cases a lot better than the folks getting paid to do it.



Yep, it amazes me that companies are able to outsource their customer service – for free! I don’t mind giving my useful or useless advice here on this forum, but you will not find me doling it out on Airbnb, Intuit, etc.
Clever exploitative bastards, they know human beings get an endorphin hit seeing their views published and getting responses and likes.


So nothing new in the 100 about supporting hosts, we’ve got your back, only trying to recruit newbies. I get it.
I remember 2015/2016 actually calling them with a problem got someone that spoke english and they actually helped solve some issues, more than once with a number just for superhosts and they didn’t have you waiting on line for 2 hours.

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That’s an easy statement since they reduced staff by about 70% due to all the lockdowns.

So when they double it, they are only at 60% of the staff thay had early 2020.


You are.

Different folks; different strokes.

I don’t mind answering questions. I am paying it forward of others answering my questions.

The bottom line is manufacturers & retailers are not going to increase their customer service staff.

The person left needing information is the one left at a disadvantage.

I’m sure one day it will be me —again

It’s the same as employers not paying their staff a living wage, expecting customers to basically pay the employees’ salary in the form of tips.