Detached "un-permitted" ADU

We have a guest house that is not permitted as an adu. We have been reluctant to do the permitting, due to the cost and general distrust of Los Angeles bureaucracy.

Our Airbnd is small but extremely busy. We built it after the previous structure was inhabited by a hoarder for 10 years and we had to pay him 10k to go away.

We have been enjoying not having a crazy person in our backyard and also being able to use our own space.

Now we have just received notification from Airbnb that we have to register our listing with the city.

We understand that technically we can’t even airbnb a detached unit??

Is anyone else dealing with this and if so how?

It is my understanding that any detached unit that is not your primary residence must be a legal ADU with a pulled permit pre Jan 2017. A permitted ADU after Jan 2017 does not qualify. I would not accept any bookings after November 1st until you find out for sure.

Do you know if your main house is an RSO? You can look that up here:

Put in your address and then check under “Housing.”


No the house isn’t RSO. The previous garage was rebuilt into a studio with bathroom and kitchenette in the first half of 2017