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Destructive Guest purposely urinated on mattress


I send my checkout message at 9:00 reminding them that checkout is 11 and its $45 for a late checkout at 1:00 They either leave on time or pay for late, once they know its pay to stay it seems easy for me. I watch my cameras around checkout time and would start messaging at 11:10 that housekeeping is on the way they need to get out. I have not had to do that yet though everyone leaves on time or pays to stay until 1:00 since I started messaging that. It is also in my house rules so if they pulle what this guest did I would have recourse to collect. Obviously this guest has no money though.



I believe getting a trespasser off your property is a criminal matter.


The issue was not getting the guest off the property. The guest left late, but left. At issue is if hosts should call the police or file criminal reports in cases where property has been damaged by a paying guest. I know in my jurisdiction one can file police reports online and if you need one in order to get your insurance money then it is certainly worthwhile to do so. Otherwise it’s a waste of a host’s valuable time. On the other end I can virtually guarantee that the police won’t actually be doing anything at all. It’s simply paperwork that’s handled by computer. That’s not a terribly huge burden on public resources.


I thought the AirBnB requirement was that we had to file a police report for anything over $300 US in damages. Am I wrong about that?


Under the Host Guarantee info in the Airbnb help section it says

  • In the very rare occasion of malicious damages or damages involving any kind of illegal activity, we may ask for a police report. We’ll ask you to provide Airbnb with an official copy of the report, so please be sure to ask for a paper copy for your records.

on the actual long form Host Guarantee page it says

“For all Covered Property which is damaged or destroyed due to a violation of law or criminal act or misdemeanor and for which you are filing an Airbnb Host Guarantee Payment Request Form, you must file a police report listing such Covered Property and provide Airbnb with a copy of such report, certified by you as true and correct.”

So in this case they may very well ask for one.


I guess we will just disagree on this one. :slight_smile:
To me, “…reminding of 11 am check out…” and “I went to clean at 2 pm and she was still there…” is trespassing.


I’m not sure, maybe we do.

If your point is that technically trespassing is a criminal matter, I agree with you. If you are in the camp of thinking police reports should be filed each time someone stays past check out time, I don’t agree. Nor do I think police should be involved each time a guest maliciously damages something. And I’d extend this to non-Airbnb life as well. The police don’t even come close to actually dealing with serious problems now and adding to their burden by helping us manage our airbnb business is beyond ridiculous.

If Airbnb or your insurance requires a police report in order to put in a claim, by all means, file one. This is far different from the statement that I initially responded to of “get the police involved” and/or “take out charges.”

That is a colossal misuse of police power and taxpayer dollars.


Actually, I think we are actually on the same page. I wouldn’t call either, unless I felt that was my last choice.


@Annet3176: We had one guest that was horrendous and we had to involve the police because Airbnb and our insurance wanted a report. The officer did a very simple report and advised us to use it, if we were to file a civil suit. My father is a police officer and my caretaker is a fireman, so I definitely get “abuse of resources” claim and was resistant, but both of them advised me to involve the police.


Deliberate damage like that is vandalism and a criminal offense.

That aside, If they live close enough, I would go through small claims court.


@KKC I agree about this not being a criminal matter for the police to handle. They would just say " call a lawyer as this is a civil matter". How disgusting, though. She does have mental issues if she saw urinating as an appropriate response! It’s another “follow the process” issue. Trying to get compensation through Airbnb is going to be difficult because they like Hosts to bend…it may turn out to be a matter for the courts. Pictures, quotes for cleaning, mattress…pain and suffering…lost compensation even if the place couldn’t get booked. I’d gather some great documentation, and speak with a lawyer, just in case…


That is not what was being discussed, it was the guest peeing on a mattress.


Airbnb has denied extra cleaning charges twice from me!


Difficult to comment based on your sparse comment @Rosebud. What did you claim for? What reason did they give for turning down your claim. Did you claim in line with their T&C.


I claimed an extra cleaning fee for leaving the house full of trash, dirt, mud and filth in the house. Throw up inside and outside of my house, beer cans on lawn…See the photo response I got from air attached. Also, the extra cleaning fee was via my cleaning service.

Are you telling me air has approved extra cleaning fees by other hosts?


I once was paid extra couple hundreds for cleaning fees . I provided though a receipt from professional company.


I think so too. It is for sure vandalism and there is a law for it. This particular case would classify as misdemeanor which is lesser case of criminal offense . In US depending on severity of the case you can be put in jail for up to 1 year and in some states up to 2.5 years. Many times it’s a matter of monetary penalty.
I once was with Austria with my little daughter who was talking loudly while we were going downstairs in appartment building. When we got downstairs there was police waiting for us. Someone called them for noise😀


Yes, I also believe getting a tresspasser off your property is a criminal matter. And the police here are very familiar with it.

These guests are a subspecies that are entirely capable of accusing you of almost anything. And doing almost anything.


@justMandi- But we were’t discussing removing a trespasser from a property - as I already said to @sthoms.

@Jess1 had talked about getting the police involved because the guest maliciously peed on the mattress.


Not involved but doing a report.

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