Dessert vs flowers for a guest welcome package

We ran an experiment over the summer with the properties we managed to see which was more popular in a welcome package for guests: dessert or flowers. We discovered guests loved the chocolates much more than the flowers (and left reviews about them!). But when we talked about the experiment on Facebook, our fans had other suggestions.

Do you leave a welcome package for your guests? They’re an additional cost, but it sets the mood and I think encourages better reviews.

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We always make up a little gift basket for all our guests which includes bottled water, juice boxes, and snacks such as cookies, chocolates, muffins etc. Almost all of our guests have commented on this in their reviews and really it doesn’t cost very much, especially if you’re buying a large amount at a time.

I think it’s definitely an unexpected touch that guests really appreciate and that sets a great tone from the very beginning. We’ve left out fresh flowers for all our guests in the summer and not a single person commented on the flowers so I would definitely say some form of food is ideal. I think another great idea would be to give your guests something unique or special from your city. So for us here in Vancouver, a treat could be salmon jerky, or maple syrup etc.

It’s really interesting how guests seem to not notice the flowers, or at least not notice them enough to mention them in a review. Have you tried experimenting with food yet?

Something unique to the area would definitely be a plus: here in San Diego we’re known for craft beer and fish tacos, one of which you’d have to verify ages for and the other you can’t leave out… Any experience with leaving (along with a small gift) a list of recommended places to eat?

I have used flowers, and chocolates. I have no problem here in Ecuador using both for a cost. I actually work with flowers. How do you get your flowers?

I feel like flowers may not be mentioned but they certainly change the room appereance.

I love the fact that you’ve done an experiment. Sebastian is probably right that even though flowers are not mentioned, they contribute to overall happiness. However, when you can eat your chocolate, you def get the feeling it was especially for you.

As a guest, it always makes me very happy when there is something local - kiwis in New Zealand, or a bottle of the local wine in Europe. Usually those local things are also less expensive and become a good conversation starter too.

I might buy a plant with flowers, but rarely do I buy actual flowers. Don’t last long enough. I provide breakfast items, coffee, tea, milk, eggs, bread, condiments, etc. People mention it on my reviews.

We leave a couple of beers and individual juices in the fridge, along with some little traditional dutch sweets. Guests love them and I must say, I appreciate the little touches when I stay somewhere :slight_smile:

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I mean, if you can pay fair money for a nice arrangement, it makes all the difference. I think a couple of roses in a small vase are pretty, but if you can put a nice arrangement it can certainly become the focal point in the bedroom. Specially if a room seems a little plain.