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Denying Bargain Hunters


We’re not hosting yet, but we travel alot, and always choose the lowest price bnb with good reviews. We’re on a strict budget, but have never considered negotiating the listed price. We also clean up after ourselves, and usually do a few tiny repairs.


This is of course, expected… That you clean up after yourselves. You mean you just repair things without asking the homeowner if that is okay? What do you mean by tiny?


Way to welcome a new member, kona :frowning: @SweetDreams you are very welcome at my place. I’ll even send you a short list of my most urgent repairs ahead of time :slight_smile:

edit: this could turn hilarious: ‘Oh we just thought the place would benefit so much from being open-plan so we knocked through the kitchen wall. We even put all the rubble tidily in the yard’.


It’s a fair question. I am asking if they start making tiny repairs to place they are renting without getting permission. Also, is Sweet Dreams actually a host? In another post they mentioned how they were a long term landlord. If that is the case, I’m not sure why they joined here.

There’s nothing rude about asking a fair question. Do they just start making repairs on their own? I don’t think I’d appreciate that as a host.


Sharpness? You think I’m being sharp and hostile? Really ?
I asked a simple and reasonable question. That’s hardly being sharp. IMHO.


You need to give it a rest and give me a break.
I notice how what’s good for goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

I’ve heard you yourself be very sharp and hostile to lots of members here and by the way the mods have also received quite a few complaints about You. I’ve stepped in and defended you in the past lady, but no more.

I’m not sure where you get off scolding me.


oh ffs. How silly.
20 20 20


@Magwitch, I’m just catching up here, but I did find that statement by the new member to be a bit odd, I would NOT want anyone “repairing” stuff and I thought K asked it in a straightforward manner. We all struggle with tone - or lack thereof - online. It seemed very neutral when I read it.


Mag, what does 20 20 20 mean?


Post must be 20 characters.


OK, I don’t want to cause a fuss. I know that I can come across badly sometimes too. I think it’s good to remember, though, that not everybody is a native english speaker and it’s good to take a moment and not jump straight in. Myself included, I guess.


Lord knows I do, too!! Yes, I must also remember how many international hosts are here. I sometimes throw around terms like Upstate or Catskills without any context.


I would imagine repairs would be minor like tightening screws or just general easy fixes.


I found the worest group always tent to be last minute booking with absolute bargain price.

Most guests value it and respect your property if they also paid premium price too


We stayed at an Airbnb room and found that the toilet seat in the shared bathroom was loose. My husband tightened it as he has done several times in our own home, and we let the host know. He appreciated the help.


I started saying " if you can afford to travel here and pay 100 dollars a day plus to ski, then the nearly 100 dollar a night difference between my home and a hotel or condo that is your discount" we are a holiday destination. I book for one season only. And thats ski season. No need for any discounts. I do give them all the secrets and deals in town from wing nights to free shuttles free ski days etc…if they use that and save some cash, good. I had a couple whom i could not accomodate say “fine we’ll sleep in our car with our dog”…it was minus 15 outside. I still refused to have them crash here for a discounted stay…


I would be upset if a guest performed a repair in my house without asking me first if it would be okay.


The situation was that this was a very new host, and he had been asking our advice about hosting. He gave us his room and left the apartment to sleep at his girlfriend’s house. We did that so he wouldn’t get dinged by another guest in their review. It was our second stay at his place, and in our judgment, he would appreciate it, and he did.


I once had a guy in the rental who was here on his own. Most of our guests are couples. I don’t know if he was bored or what but he fixed some electrics in the kitchen and the bedroom which I only discovered after he’d left. They were minor issues but beyond my (non-existent) electrical skills level.

I will love him forever :slight_smile:


Can you send him my way?

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