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"Dems Busting Airbnb"

Have you all seen this article? http://spectator.org/249042-2/

It really makes me chuckle the way everyone is leaping on the Airbnb bandwagon. There has been a hospitality industry for thousands of years. For many, many years, people have been ‘taking in lodgers’, running small B & Bs and small vacation apartment complexes.

In my early ‘hospitality career’ we advertised in print publications and at the local tourist information bureau. Then along came the internet and we all used places like craigslist. All Airbnb has done is provided a pretty well organised advertising platform. And suddenly, small business who rent out rooms or apartments has become ‘a thing’. But it’s always happened.


"Renters who can earn cash a few days a month on their place can manage to pay higher rents. "

A few days a month?


Plus HomeAway and VRBO were up and running for almost a decade before Air. They just didn’t demand the Noble Peace Prize for it.

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