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Demographics - Just for fun!


We have been hosting just over a year and have reached 100 bookings. Just for fun I ran the demographics to “profile” our visitors. Would be interested in how this compares to others:

Where Guests are From
My state 38%
Other NW 25%
Other USA 17%
Other Countries 13% (mostly Canada)
East Coast 7%

Male Single 49%
Couple 37%
Female Single 14%

First Time in an AirBnb 22%

Reason For Visiting
Work 35%
Passing Through 27%
Local Event 12%
Family/Friends 10%
Sports 6%
Relocation 5%
Tourist 5%

Length of Stay
1 Night 47%
2 Nights 29%
3 Nights 14%
4+ Nights 10%


Very cool! Mine is 99.5 percent tourists and .5 percent tropical disease researchers.


:grinning:I’m pretty sure not too many others have entertained tropical disease researchers!


Here’s our approximate breakdown…

25% New England
25% Upper Midwest
10% Other US
5% My state – Florida
25% Canada
10% Other Countries

97% Tourists
1% coming for sports watch/participate – baseball, soccer
1% checking out retirement possibilities
1% visiting family & friends

99% couples of one sort or another – M/W, M/M, W/W
1% Family – Father/Son or Mother/Daughter where children are mostly grown

Stay range from 1-12 nights, average 3 nights
Longest Stay – 22 days a PhD researcher working on the culture of the orange grove migrant workers who come to this area from two villages in Mexico.


ah the snow birds love to head south!


Well “entertained” is not exactly the right word! :rofl: They were here doing field research on mosquitos in tropical areas, specifically our area of the island. Where do they breed, what particulars about our terrain make them a challenge to eradicate, etc.

Funny enough, one of the entomologists was a little freaked out over the B52s and centipedes she encountered. :rofl::rofl:


I would love to do this but with 50 pages of messages to go thru, I don’t know if I’d have the stamina to finish. I’m going to post my guesses and then probably work on it and see how far I get. (no people, I don’t have all this on a spreadsheet)

Where Guests are From

My state 38%
Other SW 25%
Other USA 17%
Other Countries 13% (mostly Canada)


Male Single 35
Couple 35%
Female Single 30

First Time in an AirBnb 45%

Reason For Visiting

Work 4%
Passing Through 42%
Local Event 4%
Family/Friends 7%
Sports 0%
Relocation 1%
Tourist 34%
Unknown 8%

Length of Stay

1 Night 93%
2 Nights 3%
3 Nights 2%
4+ Nights 1%

It would be hard to distinguish between some passing through and some tourists. Almost everyone passes through but whether they are passing through as tourists, spend any time seeing things here, etc. The number of people for whom this is their destination and they stayed a couple of nights to see the sights here is tiny.


I didn’t count, but as an estimate…

85% were great
14% were so-so
15 were a G-D nightmare.

ALL were from the USA except one batch from China via Canada and one from the UK.

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