Demanding guests

How to deal with demanding guests? Against my better judgement we rented to a couple who have reviews that call them demanding. I walk out of an appointment today to 4 texts saying they had checked in and my place is not fully stocked. It is. We’ve been hosting for over a year with zero complaints. He said there were no pots and pans (there are), no kettle (there is) and no large salad bowls (there are two). I responded kindly letting him know where everything was and he said that 2 pots and 2 frying pans wasn’t enough? It’s 2 guests for 4 days. How is that not enough? I told him where the kettle was and the salad bowls and he kept saying these are not salad bowls. Umm they are I bought them in a salad bowl section at a kitchen supply store. And he said my lack of wine glasses was pathetic. We have tumblers, champagne glasses and water glasses. I offered him a free night and he said I don’t want a free night I want more cook ware and more wine glasses and a real salad bowl! I’m so confused. Our stocked kitchen is something people leave us great reviews about. I sent someone out to buy him the stuff and left it at the apartment door. I asked him to stop being rude to me please and he texted me I’m a bad host. I’m a super host with a great rating and I don’t want to lose that. How do I deal? Frankly I’d love to just refund him and tell him to find a Hilton. I’m trying to keep calm but he made me cry. I live in the home (we own it) in the main apartment and am scared to run into them after the text exchange.

And what kind of reviews does he leave for the hosts that call him demanding? Looking at the reviews he has left will tell you what to expect and I think you should expect a bad review. There are people who can’t be satisfied. I wouldn’t provide him with anything else or even answer any messages from him unless it’s an emergency. Make sure you leave him a poor review and maybe some host somewhere will take heed and you will save them some trouble.

If he gave me any more problems I would call Airbnb and see if you can cancel his reservation.


Thank you. My husband told him to please contact him directly and not me anymore. And he was very kind to my husband. So maybe he’s calmed down. Hopefully we’ll have no more issues. I’ve just never had anyone be so rude before. Thus far hosting has been such a positive experience for us.

And the Hilton wont have salad bowls and pots and pans! Possible for a kettle but we will see!
Also fascinated why he needs all the cook and table ware.
What is a “proper” salad bowl?
All you can do is ask if the extras you supplied are sufficient and describe the demanding attitude in the review. And wait out the booking/

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Maybe he calmed down once he got what he wanted. He sounds like a sexist 5 year old. Kudos to your husband for helping out.


He sounds horrible! I have guests at the moment who, shortly after arrival, told me that the wifi wasn’t working. It was. Definitely.

Then at eight this morning they asked me how to turn off the light under the wall mounted microwave. Er… the button on the microwave that says ‘light’? Some guests are just bonkers.

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I feel like he doesn’t need all the extra cookware and just didn’t like me pointing out he was wrong when he said there was no cookware. I said open the cupboard under the stove it’s all there. Then he said That’s not enough!

I hope you will
Leave him as horrible review as he is so no one will ever host him again
. I just had a guest recently who was like that . I started kicking her out after her first sentence that the room is stifling and she doesn’t feel safe in the house with other guests present. I said: ok then you are free to leave . You don’t have to stay somewhere where it’s stifling and other guests. She never left because hotels around were twice more of what she paid.:joy:


Oh my gosh… never ever ever offer to refund a full night because he says you don’t have the cookware that you do have!! I know this is a live and learn experience, but also please in the future when you see bad reviews DO NOT RENT. Many hosts don’t leave reviews so when you see them, you KNOW IT IS BAD.

So repeat after me… when I see bad reviews I will decline. When I see bad reviews I will decline, when I see…

I agree. Once he started to bully you, I would have told him he was free to leave if the place did not meet his expectations. Or I would have said Im sorry you aren’t happy, and then I would have walked away and called Airbnb to get him out.


How do I call AirBNB? I message them through their support centre and they haven’t replied. It’s been 6 hours? I can’t seem to find a number for them?

See the pinned topic :slight_smile:

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The computer world used to have the perfect response for @holes like that:
“WISIWIG – What You See Is What You Get. If you don’t like it, Guest, you are welcome to cancel your stay effective immediately. Goodby.”


Oh gawd, we’ve all had at least one guest who is an insufferable creep. Don’t cry! He’s the crazy one! What’s his name? I have a rope…and a shovel.

Seriously, lesson learned about bad reviews. Hosts are so timid and reluctant to leave negative reviews, so when you see one…or even a hint of one, take heed and decline.

And like Kona said, NEVER give a refund for something that is not a legitemate (serious) defect. There are scammers out there trying to game the system and get free accommodations. Stay strong. He’s the one who’s out of order and he sounds like a jerk with some mommy issues. Don’t let him get to you. We’re all behind you, and that collective energy is a lot more powerful than a sad little weasel taking out his neurotic friustrations on you.


It’s a rite of passage, and we have all been there. How soon are they gone? Review honestly, and don’t forget to breathe.

I keep thinking of the apartment with the “full kitchen” we rented in NOLA that had 1 coffee mug, 2 teaspoons, a tiny frying pan and a tiny sauce pan. Yes, the coffee maker worked, but we had to take turns with the mug… I ended up buying another mug and left it for them (with a note). Every time someone whines about an amenity at our place I remind myself of that place and laugh.

On the upside, the location rocked, it was clean, the bed was comfortable and the bathroom was clean. We rolled with it!

Sorry you have to deal with a guest like that.

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I know it is easier said than done but never let a guest make you cry.
Hard one, I know.

These are just being entitled jerks who don’t deserve our hospitality.


Don’t start offering free nights (unless something really drastic goes wrong) as this is a control issue! Same with sending someone out to buy him the things he asked for. This person sounds like a complete a*%hole!! Try to remain calm, take a deep breath and reply calmly but firmly. I’m pretty sure you could have had 5 pots, 5 pans, crystal wine glasses and a complete fancy set of salad bowls and they would have found something else to complain about. It’s about control. No one deserves to be treated like that and I hope you write him a horrible review!!!


I had a guest that wanted to drop off their daughter’s luggage and supplies because she was moving into college during their stay with us…I said no. Then they wanted to park the van they rented in my garage…I said no. They wanted to use my office to use the computer…I said no. I still got a great review from them, but I stuck to my boundaries. If you a guest complains that you don’t have a proper asparagus fork you say, " Sorry about that, I’m sure you’ll find the forks that are provided work, but may not be exactly to your style." Your guest seems to not understand that they aren’t in their own home and that everything you provide certainly works, but may just not be what they are accustomed to. Such is life. Different strokes for different folks. Don’t worry about this bozo. P.S. I eat salad on a plate. GASP!


Okay so I’m not the only one uncertain what a salad bowl is to this guest. I read the OP to mean a large bowl to make a salad in and then it would be served and eaten in another bowl or on a plate. But maybe the guest was referring to a bowl in which the salad is eaten?

Please do not let your guests communicate with you via text @Michy82 . Anything other than emergencies should be via Airbnb messaging so there is a record.

I don’t understand why you would offer him a free night, or sent someone out to buy equipment, when you had done nothing wrong? By doing so, you are handing this bully over power and control.

As hosts we need to act in a firm but professional manner and that includes not letting guests walk all over us.

Do make sure you message the guest to confirm that indeed all the items mentioned in their four texts were already in the property and that his rude attitude was unnececessary and unacceptable.

Reviews are there for a reason. Hosts are unlikely to write negative things about guests unless there are serious issues - so what made you decide to go ahead.

Depending on how long these guests are staying, I would call Airbnb and ask them to cancel the booking as the guests are making you feel uncomfortable and the male in the party has been rude.


I doubt it’s to do with him calming down. There are men who instinctively treat women like doormats whilst behaving completely reasonably with their fellow men, whom they think see their point of view, and life, as they do. Any bad review he may leave will be seen for what it is; just leave yours factually and honestly.