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Demanding Guest

Have not had a guest for last six months so was excited to get an instant booking even it it was for only two days. However the only message received with the booking was simply, “I will be arriving at 12 pm”. No purpose of visit mentioned. Our posted checkin time is after 3pm so I would be happier if guest had requested an early booking - in time, rather than TOLD us when they are arriving. Makes me wonder what other demands will be made? Also whether listing was even read. My reaction was to thank them for the booking and remind them of our posted checkin time.

I had the same thing happen to me several months back. I sent him numerous messages via the platform messaging asking him more questions and he never responded to any of my questions. I cancelled the reservation. The platform then sent me a message asking me why I cancelled. They then asked me to send the guest a message as to why I cancelled. I did so and never got dinged for it


I’ve had exactly the same message from a guest, except for a booking request, not an IB. That in itself wasn’t an issue for me, as my check in time starts at 11AM.

My response was to thank him for the request, and ask him some other questions to ascertain whether he had actually read the listing info, as someone who thinks that’s an appropriate first communication with a host is questionable.

In the case of my guest, that message I sent him prompted a much more informative response, and he did turn out to be a good guest.

But if your guest doesn’t answer your message, or answers with some non-answer, or insists he has to check-in at noon, I would think twice about just letting the booking go ahead, as this guest may very well have not bothered to read any of the listing info past the price and the photos.

Also, if you haven’t checked your booking settings lately, make sure that your check-in time hasn’t mysteriously been reset to “flexible”. Many hosts have reported that their check-in time was showing as “flexible”, when they had done nothing on their end to change it from their normal check-in time.


I would simply reply, thanks for booking with us we look forward to your stay. Check in is 3:00 we will change the door code to XXXX just prior to check in, we look forward to seeing you, from a distance…


Some people confuse 12AM and 12PM. Maybe your guest was warning you they’d be arriving late, not early?

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You did it right. Guests usually don’t read (or pretend to).
I always send the same first message to all guests after the booking, reminding the main rules (checkin-checkout time, no parties, …) mixed with nice thank words and some insights about restaurants, supermarkets, how to arrive, … Always rules first


NEVER allow a guest to dictate when they will be showing up. TELL them that check-in is between X and Y not earlier or later without express prior discussion and permission. And tsince this guest did not ask/discuss with you, there can be no exception.

Those who have the electronic combo locks have the perfect solution – always re-set the combination an hour or less prior to your start time, and after your check-out time.


My response was more “I assume you are asking for an early check in. Can you tell me more about yourself and the purpose of your visit” When I got no response, I figured playing it safe and cancelling was better than “heads on beds” . (Love this expression by the way owise moderators) This was my only cancellation thusfar for “behavior”. But I agree with you that the lack of courtesy in this guest and ignorance about the way we work bodes poorly for the rest of the guest stay.


I would not cancel for that, just state when they can come and let it go. I do not need to know why someone is coming, it is not my business.
Heads in beds!



Really? A guest who does not respond to any of your messages? No information even on who else will be there? Nothing?

I neither need, nor care. This is an Airbnb thing, and harks back to the days of mostly in home hosting I reckon.

Someone says they’ll be there at a specific time, if we can do it then we do it, but let them know we’re giving them a “free” early check in. If we can’t, we tell the guest that they can check in from our normal time but we’ll happily store their luggage until then.

Is it rude of the guest, yes it is. Did they read the listing, maybe or maybe not. But I wouldn’t cancel them for it. Rude guests are just part of the STR business, not everyone is going to be a fluffy puppy.



Yes really. I do not care, they will show up, stay and leave. In my experience communication skills do not equate to better guests or better reviews, my first 4* came from a great communicator. They are not applying for a job after all.


Do you give them a zero for their communication on their reviews, then?

I guess I would if otherwise there were issues. I do not keep track of who responds and who does not. I rarely have any guests who I would not have back, may 1% if that.


For a host, with a free standing rental, it would be nice to see a review and be forewarned that this is a guest who does not communicate but otherwise was just fine. That would help. The guest I cancelled had no reviews at all.

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Sorry, but I don’t have time for that. My reviews are short and to the point.

X was a great guest, left the place clean and is welcome back anytime.

I hit what is important to me, that they left the place clean and wether or not I would have them back.


So, lots of digression here, but I have heard how important honest reviews are for new hosts . Be honest in your reviews so the next person knows what to expect but there is such a mixed message sometimes from our forum. How do us new hosts find the pearls?

I am honest in my reviews, If I have a bad guest I will let the world know for sure. The thing is it is just not a thing. The vast majority of my guests I would have back. Is not a code, when I say they are welcome back and that they are great guests that really does not leave any doubt.



I was waiting for that from you, RR!


I had responded to guest as follows: “Thank you for your reservation. Check in is after 3pm. If you need direction let us know and we will send map/directions. Will you be coming from Airport?”
Demand quite clearly stated 12pm which is 12 noon but even 12 am midnite is out side of posted check in which also states that a deviance from that should be requested. Normally we would not care if they wanted 12 noon but that is not convenient to us on that day. We also view the curt announcement as very rude and demanding. However I will give them 24 hours to respond to my message and if it is ignored I will take a chance on cancellation on grounds that guest has ignored rules and failed to respond. We have been SH for many years and hosted lots of guests and past experience has taught us that this one is a redflag.
I like the expression “heads in beds” but we have learned that the odd bad guest is not worth the aggro or inevitable bad reviews which usually follow. We also have a saying - :They pay, they stay, and they go away".

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