Deep pocket sheets

Hi my Queen bed takes deep pocket sheets. That being said the fitted sheet is always deep when when I order that way and flat isn’t. And I’m super OCD when it comes to making beds… I have 2 mattress protectors, pillow protectors, sheets, extra sheets, a bedspread, throw blanket, and deco pillow covers that I wash every time…

That being said I’m happy to report the IKEA bedspread is stretching and getting longer. But my Amazon sheets I can barely tuck under the mattress.

Does anyone recommend deep pocket sheets that are both bigger not just the fitted sheet? Because it’s driving me nuts having to pull the sheets 1 centimeter over then it’s not long enough on the other side… so I lend so much time trying to make it perfect… LOL

I’m currently using a sheet that @Arlene_Larsson recommended. It took me a long time to spend this much but I’m not regretting it.

And I got some Pottery Barn blankets, shams and duvets on ebay for a fraction of the cost at PB and they are all generously sized compared to other similar products I’ve gotten.

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They look really nice thank you! And it almost looks like my room! Are they deep pocket? I’m trying to find that in the description? It’s about 14”.

FYI I use Carohila bamboo sheets on my bed cal king about $250 a set but OMG! (These are NOT deep pocket FYI) And I live in Florida they keep my bed cold. Sign up at their website and you will get coupons and sales about every month. PS men, I’ve bought the underwear as a gift apparently it’s something you need on a hot day lol

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Well I have no trouble stretching them over the mattress but I can’t go measure right now as there is a guest in the room at least the next two nights. If you check the Amazon Q and A someone has probably asked and gotten an answer

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I use these below and they are great. I use them on all my beds and get constant excellent comments on them:

1000 Thread Count Bed Sheet Sets - Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton Deep Pocket Sheets - Bedding Set Includes One Flat Sheet, One Fitted Sheet & Two Pillowcases - Queen Size, White

I am glad this drives someone else nuts too! I am also OCD about how my beds are made up and you are absolutely correct that the flat sheet is never large enough to allow you to tuck in the flat sheet on both sides, even though I buy expensive sheets for my guests. This is a pet peeve of mine that somehow they advertise the fitted sheet for deep pocket corners but have neglected to include a top sheet that is large enough to tuck in.

I have purchased the Peru Pima sheets recommended for both of my units and Vermont Country Store’s “Clothesline Crisp Cotton Percale Sheet Set” among others and the same holds true for all. I wish you had an option on these good quality sheets to purchase a queen fitted and a king top sheet. For the life of me I don’t know why they don’t provide the extra material to allow you to make a bed properly. I guess they don’t want to add the expense on their end to make the customer truly happy. I can’t imagine it would cost the manufacturer that much more to make a proper sheet set and they pass the cost on to consumer anyway.

In regards to good quality sheets, I highly recommend Vermont Country Store sheets, but beware when I first opened these sheets I was shocked and a little scared, in that they were stiff as a board and could practically stand up on their own, but they are now my absolute favorites. It took a couple of washings with baking soda and vinegar in a warm wash to soften them, but they are now just as advertised “just like your Grandmother’s sheets”.

My guests rave about the comfortable linens and that includes the Peru Pima but Vermont Country Store’s sheets are just better quality. Also, with these cotton percale sheets it does take some ironing of the pillowcases and the top third of the top sheet to make a perfect bed. I iron the top sheet that is exposed once the bed is made with a little starch to help getting the wrinkles out.

I also just discovered Downy’s Wrinkle Guard, which you add to the wash and it does help with releasing some of the wrinkles, for others that are OCD about bed linens too. Expensive but reduces time spent making a perfect bed and making my housekeeper crazy.

I also just went back to an old school detergent additive, Borax 20 Mule Team, for my white sheets to keep them white and it does help a lot along with using bleach. If there is a stain (usually blood) on these expensive sheets, after I scream a little, I mix up a little Borax and cold water and soak the affected part of the sheet for a bit before I launder and it appears to do the trick – so far. I used to request guests strip beds but now I don’t because I want to inspect the expensive sheets for stains so I can attack them right away vs. throwing them in the wash and noticing after they have been washed and dried. My housekeeper is quite amused by my OCD where it comes to sheets and now texts me, “Houston, we have a stain” – LOL!

Sorry, for my long response but sheets are just my thing these days along with comfortable bedding. It goes a long way in pleasing guests and my reviews reflect this 90% of the time. I also accept pets and those with many children (more than 1) and pets do not get the truly expensive sheets, which has proven to be a wise decision 99% of the time.


Multiple sheet makers offer the option to mix and match, that is, to buy each sheet individually. Someone was just posting a vendor recently, I’ll see if I find the post and link it. I’ve also see a number of retailers that do that.

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