Deductions for City Taxes

Does anybody know what (is standard) or can be deducted from city taxes due on my Airbnb in North Idaho besides the cleaning fee? Thanks Wendy

I would get a tax attorney. Well worth the money, audits are no fun.

This is an international forum so there won’t necessarily be a lot of people from your area.

However this came up in Google

Thanks! So What I’m understanding is that the amount Airbnb charges in your behalf (cleaning fee) is the amount that the host can deduct.

Hello @wendybarner

Have you had a look at Airbnb Help Centre (answers most of your FAQs) and Airbnb Community (this has useful guides for hosts on various aspects of managing Airbnb.

Don’t really understand your question re cleaning. A cleaning fee is something you set as a host to cover your turnaround/cleaning costs.

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Is this income tax, usually nothing can be deducted from sales tax.

State, local taxes were always deductible in Hawaii… s well as accommodations and excise. Now that this vile tax bill has passed that may not be possible.

Damn thing is masquerading as a tax cut when in actuality there are all kinds of sneaky ways they are raising your taxes. But it’s all okay because the top one percent are getting 83 percent of the cut while the rest of us will see modest TEMPORARY cuts. We need those billionaires and coporations to have even more money while it’s being charged to future generations so it’s worth it.

Hi Wendy. Not sure I totally understand your question but a lot can be deducted besides cleaning fees for determining state and federal income tax for ABB activity as I wrote here . For your occupancy tax, you’d have to check with your specific city as county rules may differ from city rules. What city are you in?

Check with your local jurisdiction; mandatory fees such as cleaning charged to guests are often included in the calculation of revenue subject to lodging tax.

Yup, this is all taxed where I am, Hawaii.