Dealing with Dogs

We have had a great many animals in and out of our doors but the last guest left the place really dogged out to coin a phrase.
They had a lab puppy in a crate and where the crate sat on my wood floors now smells awful in adition to other spots. We have a walk in shower that said puppy walked into and proceeded to walk around the bathroom and kitchen after owner had taken a shower leaving muddy paw prints everywhere. I was less irritated by leftover dishes than the fact our sink on the garbage disposal side was completely filled with wet dog food. The disposal works I am unsure why they did not bother to grind and wash it down instead of leaving for me. I am equally puzzled at how this is some sort of normal action for them.

Any other tips for dealing with pets? I am all ears.

I also wanted to thank Ellen for the Anti Icky Poo recommendation. I found it in the way back and almost added a thanks to that thread but I got the dreaded this post is 238 days old are are you sure you want to do this message. We tried a few products on our wood floor and they would seem ok for a day and the next day the smell was back but this actually worked for us and we are eternally grateful.