Day Sleepers w/ early check in

I have had this happen twice this last month; Nurse Day sleeps who want to check in: ie: Monday 9am. Check out Friday 6pm. I have to block Sun pm and Fri pm to allow this. It actually took me a second occurrence to discover they were getting basically 6 days for the price of 4. I can’t book Sunday night, noon check out and cleaning; or Friday night, 2pm check in. plus cleaning after nurse leaves.
So How do I deal with this? Politely explain situation? Say no, all available nights must be booked by them during entire time frame?
Thank You!

Yes this



My check in is 3pm , checkout 11 am. If you want to get in at 9am, book the day before. Simple


I recently had someone ask if they had to pay for the whole day on the 15th if they weren’t checking in until 1 am on the 16th, i.e., after midnight. I don’t think they even think about the hours, just what they need. I simply explained that yes he had to book and pay for all three nights. I did offer him a small discount for booking three nights after looking at my schedule and considering that would save me two turnovers and he took it.

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Easy to solve. Don’t allow them to check in early without also booking the night before. Don’t allow them to check out late without also booking the night after. Otherwise you are giving away your room for free to people who don’t want to pay.


We had a guest ask if they could check-in at 2:00am. We live on site and are flexible, so I said yes :relaxed:. Little did I know that she meant 12 hours before :roll_eyes: official check-in time (2PM) instead of 12 hours after. She scared the hell :rage: out of my hubby by arriving early, and although she did accept to pay for an extra night :smirk:, she and her boyfriend (and later her niece :roll_eyes:) behaved strangely their whole stay. Was our one and only bad guest.

Yeah those odd hour requests are…odd. I feel very lucky that every person but one who needed an odd time has messaged first, before booking, so I could be clear on what they needed and what I could offer.

Oh I remember that one! :joy::joy: Good times.

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When we flew to Reykjavic last year we booked the night before so we could go straight to the house when our plane arrived at 5:30 AM.

I agree with Kona up there – if they want early/late checkouts like that tell them they MUST book the day before and the day after.


When I booked Kyoto last year, I booked the night after because I had an 8pm flight. I didn’t whine about it, I just paid for it.


Yes I had some guests book 6 nights. On the 5th day she messaged me to tell me she’d forgotten to let me know that she was actually leaving that evening (the 5th night) and had booked 6 nights so she’d have access to the unit after checkout. Was letting me know in case I wanted to get in there early. i gave her 5 stars plus!!!


I just had guests arriving on a 5am bus and leaving on a 1:30am bus-
i took their bags at 8:30am and gave them a safe place to store them until midnight- but I did not let them check in early/out late. They were young and sweet and I felt just a LITLLE guilty because it was snowing etc, but they had friends in the town and really should have paid for another day. I did loan them snow boots!
They gave me 5 stars :slight_smile:

Wondering if this the same nurse I hosted! LOL
Similarly I have a traveling nurse who sleeps all day and leave for work at 6PM. I accepted for first few days…and then realized that it was not a gain for me. As he checked in 7PM I miss the overnight guest and his checking out 6PM limits me for another booking on the same day. So I explained him that I can do it only if he books an extra day/night as his routine is not normal. After that he disappeared!

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My check-in is 4 pm Checkout 11 am…i will grant an earlier check-in IF I do not have anyone the night before. Of course, their reservation needs to be made with this in mind…