Dates I've blocked keep somehow unblocking

Is this happening to anyone else? It’s maddening. I’m blocking them via the airbnb site, not using any other app or calendar synching.

I think I had that same issue, not sure if it was me or the system unblocking the dates. Anyway, I accidently ended up booking second guests for dates that I originally had blocked so I had to cancel those guests (and got the airbnb warning “you will have an cancel in your reviews which will be placed in your reviews automatically” blah blah)

Luckily I picked this up before I did this a second time. What I have now done is put a crazy extreme $9999 charge on nights I don’t want booked. Now I’ve gotten guests requesting dates seeing my calendar is somewhat free… but anyway, those high prices remind me not to accept a booking in them.


I did this a lot when I started. There is a box under your Available/Blocked option that says “Save Changes”

Most of Air’s changes save automatically, but not this one. :slight_smile:

A few people have mentioned the glitch where blocked days become unblocked for no reason.
It happened to me when I was renovating the place and I suddenly got an IB. I didn’t want to cancel as I have 100% commitment rate, so I hosted the guest but ended up getting 3 stars because the place wasn’t finished.

So I started making the blocked days extremely expensive - same as what you did - and so if the dates suddenly unblocked it wouldn’t be a problem because no-one would book them.

HOWEVER, just now I have seen that the prices I put in for the blocked days no longer show up on the calendar. You have to make the dates “available” to see the price. So you may want to find another way to remind yourself not to accept bookings on those days. Use “notes” instead of the price as the price may not be visible.

My system wouldn’t work for everyone, but I use Google as my master calendar (because I also add in VRBO and direct bookings) and block dates there. The sync from Google to Air has, so far, never failed me and reliably blocks dates.

Yup, this just happened to us. We blocked 4 nights this week, wake up this am to see a booking for tonight & tomorrow.
Also booking was made in early hours so technically was same day booking, which we don’t do.
Response from airbnb was not, how shall I say, as understanding as I expected or hoped for.
However with patience and persistence and insistence we managed to have AIRB cancel the reservation without any (apparent) dings on us.
When questioning AIRB on how to avoid any future repetition of the above I received three suggestions:
“keep checking back to see if a day is still blocked”
“Turn off instant book” &
"Block dates on a computer with a good browser"
I have to say that the last one made me laugh, I didn’t know I was supposed to use my “Sunday Best Browser” for such matters

I’m dusting off this old thread because the unblocking of days is occurring—again.

The story—-on the website I blocked 6 days for repair work. I checked via the app a few days later the days were blocked. I have two rentals so I didn’t realize at first that a reservation request for the the blocked days. 3 days later (almost 4 weeks before the reservation) I realized they had booked the blocked days.

Can’t get through to Superhost CS. Tried for several days including sending messages via text & Facebook. Ended up canceling the reservation, may lose superhost status and have an automated posting of “this reservation was cancelled by the host”.

I played with The app & the website.

Be careful on the app if you select specific days that are Blocked with or without comments To view their detailed status if you don’t SAVE the blocked status it will revert to available.

I tested this and had the same result several times.

Just be aware

Could you do many of us a favor by telling us how you do this in a separate post with that title, so it’s easy to find?

I need to have my Air bookings on my Google Calendar because my tour booking system uses Google Calendar also, and I need to block a longer time between tours on days when I have room turns so I can go home and make beds.

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