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Database of guests you would rather not host?

You should have had the guest cancel and then provide the refund. Then they cannot leave you a review.

Depends on when they cancel. If they cancel less than 24 hours before check-in, they are prompted to leave a review. Which is obviously what happened in that case.

Good to know… I was not aware of this. If the guest did not stay, can you get Airbnb to remove the review?

Not usually, according to posts I’ve read.

BTW, I had a guest who did not stay. She cancelled the next day but she never checked in.

She contacted airbnb to ask for a refund as she did not stay. I told airbnb that she did not check in, and cancelled the reservation well after the deadline so no refunds.

Airbnb gave her as well as me an option to write a review. I asked airbnb if she will be allowed to write a review. They told me the review will be removed if she writes one. Luckily she did not write a review.

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