"Dangerous animal on premises"

There’s a new thing, I think under house rules, where you can add other things the guest should know (stairs, noise, etc) and one of the new boxes you can tick is “Dangerous animal on premises”

I’d seen the stair/ noise thing the last time I messed with my listing (November?) but I’m pretty sure dangerous animal is new. (Also new: weapons on premises!)

I ticked the box and added that our cat occasionally bites and scratches.

I assume they were thinking poisonous snakes, but in my continuing efforts to be as terrifyingly transparent as possible, this seemed like a good idea.

(Hilarious aside: I was playing around with a third listing, that would allow larger groups to book both spaces at once. 3- 4 ppl. Air suggested I charge $29/night. In honor of their suggestion, I raised my rate on the private room from 65 to 80. I never get booked in February anyway, but if they’re going to be ridiculous I might as well be, too.)



I’d include this in your listing just be sure guests get the message :slight_smile:


Honestly… are they hiring high school students to “improve” their software??? They are becoming utterly ridiculous!!!

Check yes on both. The most dangerous animal is Human. Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.


This is an old article but I guess this change may be in response to the “horror stories”

Terrible that this happened, but you have to ask what sort of person would travel around South America without travel insurance, particularly if they are from the U.S. and used to having to pay for their hospital care.

It actually happened to me last year: I thought I had 2 insurances to cover health problems, and when I had my gal blatter emergency, all of a sudden I got to know I had zero. One insurance had been blatantly lying to me and my family for years, my other insurance had limited their insurance to Europe two months earlier without giving me any notice on this.

If a lion charges at you, throw some poo at it.

(“what if there’s no poo around?”, you say? Oh, there will be!)


(Oh gosh, I wish someone would cure me of the enjoyment of gutter humor.)


I always check my travel insurance before I travel and make sure I take a copy with me.

Especially if you stay in a “shithole!” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



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So as a beekeeper and the owner of a scorpion… :wink: Well…

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