Damaged property, guest willing to pay--can we resolve issue without involving AirBnB?

Hi, my long-term guest just caused damage to my property and would like to pay me back for the repairs. My security deposit isn’t that much, but may be enough to cover the damages, but either way she wants to pay whatever it takes to fix the issue. I’ve never had to deal with damages by a guest, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle it. It looks like the resolution center takes at least a week to send the payout if both parties agree. If she is admitting fault and I agree to the repairs needed, can she just pay me in cash for the costs? Is there a reason to involve AirBnB, either by asking for money through the Resolution Center or by handling communication via the app? My only reason for considering handling it outside AirBnB is that I can get the money sooner by dealing directly with her, and if the costs come out of her security deposit I will be limited in how much I can recover if there is any more damage when she moves out a month and a half from now.

Never involve AirBnB unless your REALLY have to do so, take the money direct.


I think there might be en advantage to not going through Airbnb. It will look as though you’ve never had a claim and they might be more inclined to help when you do need it. Give your guest a receipt.


Skip Airbnb – work directly with the guest. No need to show up on Air’s radar…


I obviously don’t know your guest but is it possible someone could agree to pay and ask that it be done outside AirBnB but then when the repairs are done and the bill arrives, say 2-3 weeks later, they refuse to pay or ignore you and it is too late to put in a request through AirBnB? In fact that sounds like a way some people might use to avoid paying damages and a bad review. Not saying your guests is like that but I am sure some would do it.

Don’t take any damage payments through the res center if you can avoid it. It will go on your 1099 as income and will be subject to your accommodations tax.