Damage deposit question

Sorry, stupid question: does the damage deposit amount get taken from a guest’s credit card when they book, (in holding) like in traditional long term rental situations or only if damage does occur?

No, the deposit is fake. Airbnb will mediate the resolution if you claim damage. VRBO you get the deposit paid up front.

Hahahahaha - its an illusion. Search this forum for keywords damage deposit.

To answer your question- The guest only gets charged if you open a claim.

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And that’s a maybe…

I’ve always received the money I’ve asked for. But that wasn’t the question. The question was how it was handled by Airbnb- put in an escrow/holding account or charged if damages occur. The propensity of Airbnb security deposit charges to guests was not in the question.

If you have a look at the Airbnb Help Centre and search ‘deposit’ it outlines how Airbnb’s deposit system works.