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Daily Laundry Explained

I’ve read other host’s tales of having guests that, instead of doing 1 or 2 loads of laundry over the course of a week do laundry daily. I couldn’t imagine such a thing…until…now…

Guest from India arrived with the usual village of suitcases. Right away they asked ‘can we do laundry?’. Well, I think, maybe they had an accident…whatever.

Next day “Can we do laundry?”.

So I asked them “Is it your custom in India to wash laundry every day?”

They said yes, because in Mumbai it is so hot, so dirty, and so polluted, that to let clothing ‘stew’ in a pile for more than a day would be, to them, disgusting. So the mom said that, even though it is not dirty and hot here, they still have this feeling “we must do laundry”.

I don’t like it, but, since I rarely have the guest use the laundry, I can get over it.

Just thought it might help to have a better understanding of why some people do some things that we thing is rude or weird. I think that to them, letting laundry sit in a basket, would be like putting toilet paper into the trash can. ICK, just…ICK!

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I have always envied hosts who have their own washer and dryer. I have to use the coin-operated machines in our condo complex. But if I had guests like the ones you describe, I’d be SO glad that they had to use their own money to do their laundry!

Someone needs to invent a quick and temporary way to convert domestic machines to coin-operated :slight_smile:

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I agree that it feels weird if a guest does a whole load of laundry everyday, but the cost is negligible… I have calculated that when you add up water, electricity and detergent, a load of laundry costs 0,70€, that would be 0.80 USD…
And i am in north-west Europe where utilities are supposed to be more expensive, using a brand name or eco-certified detergent. A load of laundry costs less than a 10 minutes shower, or even less than a 5 minutes shower if you don’t have water saving shower fixtures.

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Thanks for the perspective.

This hosting thing has been an interesting journey for me. I’m having to stop and think “Now, is what they are doing really wrong, or, do I just not like it? If I don’t like it, is it just a gut response, or is it logical?”

For instance, we have two rooms and a full bath for groups up to 5. When it’s 5 people I offer them to use the toilet upstairs if needed, or the bathtub to bathe a small child. This group misunderstood and the dad comes upstairs to shower. This irritated me. But I had to ask myself - “Why?”. It doesn’t really cost me anything - my family of 5 has two bathrooms to share so it’s not like we are so inconvenienced. The guests are polite and thoughtful and clean - why should I pick at such things when I quickly realized it was a miscommunication? If I’m not using the laundry, what do I care if they do another load? As I said, 95% of my guests never use it, so I’m still ‘ahead’.

I’m learning (I hope) to step back and try to see the big picture and not react to what is in my little tunnel vision.

However, I do still say ‘no’ when needed. And, to ask “Do you commonly do laundry every day in India?” Oh, wow, I learned something instead of being irritated. Imagine that.

AND - now I can be thankful that I don’t live in a place where, when I get home, I can’t wait to get my clothes in the washer…

It’s been an interesting ride!!!


I do laundry every day, sometimes two loads, and that’s without the bnb stuff. I didn’t even think it to be unusual.


DC, these are the kinds of things in the future you can totally control with clear rules. Ask Yana how she handles laundry… I think lots of hosts charge! For instance, they get one free load per week, or two, and after that it is a $10 fee. Because the utilities that laundry takes are not inconsequential!

Don’t feel guilty because you feel peeved by these things! Guests are an imposition on us. If they weren’t, we’d all be on couch surfing just to meet friends!

Sorry to hear, I bet you are counting the days until check out!

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By the way, I don’t have laundry facilities for guests. At my price point, there’s no way. Also the laundry is in a private part of my house. It’s clear in my rules.

No, I’m not peeved - initially I was, but then, by taking time to ask the question, I was more informed and I understood. If doing a load of laundry every day keeps them happy, I couldn’t care less. It’s hardly costing me anything. Most guests don’t ever do laundry, so one group doing several loads over the course of the week isn’t going to damage my bottom line.

My point of the op was to encourage us all to look beyond our initial reactions and find out what the guest is thinking. I am kinda looking forward to them checking out, but I usually am always looking forward to guests checking out! But they are very nice people, very interesting, I’ve learned a lot already. And, they brought us candy. ; )

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Your house, your rules. After people booked me for the lowest rate ever and did 5 loads of laudry that day staying for just that night, and my laundry fetish layer who washed who knows what every single day, i put a rule of no laundry unless you are staying 5 days or longer. One girls asked to do it anyway and i asked for 5$ just to cover the cost. And she agreed happily.

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