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Custom pricing tools I just saw



I get a lot of two night bookings and have been wanting the opportunity to set custom pricing to encourage three night bookings – book two nights get the third at a 20% discount. Well I just saw this today and thought, great! So I implemented it and logged out and found my listing to see if it was advertised/promoted when people are looking. I didn’t see that at all, it just magically appeared as a new discount after putting in the dates for three nights. I am bummed…I don’t want to give away money AFTER they are close to booking but want it to be presented as potential guests are surfing. I will make a comment on the hosts forum on the site; however, I wondered if I missed where it was used for marketing purposes more effectively?


Does the discount need to be for the whole year? or can you have the discount only during certain dates. Thinking of my off season.


Not sure quite what are you are asking now. No…I agree with you… don’t give away on a two night stay when you a need a three night one. And don’t fret it. Test the waters. Unless someone has clicked “booked” and you actually accept…you owe nothing…


It was both a comment and a question. The comment was “yay, a way to do a custom price, finally.” Then after I tried it, the comment is “well, nobody will see it until they get ready to book, so it’s a giveaway.”

The question then became “hmm, this seems to be a giveaway…is there another way to do this that I’m missing?” The goal is to be able to market a custom price/nights booked option that ultimately increases my average days booked.


Oh my…Give me till tomorrow and will connect again. Oh yes…we will need to connect for what we want. Make a list of what you do not want. I know from your writing style, you are a very smart girl


OK… for now. Get rid of anyone who doesn’t want to leave a good review and wants to play crappy. Tell them bye


Try using the custom pricing for three days and add it to your title: “3-night discount” You’ll always be giving it away to those people who were going to book three nights anyway.
The other two “tools” frustrate me. They “train” guests to ask for early discounts or wait until the last minute to book (or cancel and book a host that rewards last-minute bookings)


I have been studying key words this week. I’d be happy to get to get together with you next week and experiment. :wink:


Good morning, just saw your replies. Thanks for the offer, let’s do connect.


Good thought and I might try a test for a few months to see if my average days booked goes up by one. The interesting thing is the way they apply it. In reality it’s a 20% off a third night, but to make the math work, I had to put in 7 percent as it takes the discount off all three nights to compute the dollar armount…gotta watch that if anyone else tries it.


I believe you turn it off and on at will. I was able to add it, then delete it like any other option.


So true!


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