"Currently hosting"

Is anyone else frustrated at the new (well…a few months now?) “Today” page, which shows guests that arriving today as “Currently Hosting”?

Seems like a really poor choice of words. We frequently (i.e. almost every day) have same-day turnovers, so that page shows that two different guests are being ‘currently hosted’ in the same listing…

If the goal was to make a quick, easy-to-read dashboard type page, they screwed up on this one. Probably nothing an individual user like me is going to be able to effect, so I guess this might qualify as a rant, but curious if others are as frustrated with this as I am.


Seems pretty par for the course! I rarely go to the AirBnb site I use my channel manager for everything so it does not affect me.


If you don’t mind me asking, which channel manager have you settled on?

It is a little weird, but I really like the TODAY page. My husband is constantly asking who is leaving or coming and this makes it easy.