CS coaching guest how to cancel under EC

I think they will still refund under EC. Nothing says the person causing an EC has to be part of a booking. They will refund if the great uncle had a car accident a month ago. You may not be in the clear yet. I have seen this movie before

I think they will too, the guest indicated he was still trying to resolve through Air, that he was getting a note for his GF from urgent care when they open today. Although his GF was not on the reservation and I did not accept the change request and I have an email saying it’s settled. I am not spending that money quite yet after reading @JJD 's story.


Edited to add . I just received the prompt to review him. I think I will sit this one out for now.


Actually, it does exactly say that the person causing the EC must “be a member of the traveling party” (with the exception of death only). Please refer to my picture above. However, I certainly got a CS (not the first one, but the second one) who decided it didn’t matter. But it is indeed what the policy states.

I’d be happy to customize my “presentation” for you if you’d like :slight_smile:

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I will definitely take you up on that if I need it.
In the guests mind this is still open


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The person causing the EC is the one with the circumstances, but they allow those EC to be triggered by a person not in the booking. This has happened over and over again. Their interpretation differs from ours.

Yes, I understand. But it is still not what the policy states. They play frim-fram with it but that doesn’t change what it says. You said that it didn’t say that and I just wanted to be clear that the policy does say that. We are still better off as hosts if we all still fight for what the policy actually says.

I think a good response with CS to any adverse statement by them, could you show me exactly where in the TOS it states that?

We should know the TOS better than the person on the other end of the phone before even calling.

I forgot when I said earlier I can’t remember calling as a host, there was the call recently where they tried to get me to wait and see if a guests would pay while they blocked my calendar. They said it was policy, I said my policy was not to block my calendar for a unpaid reservation.



How long of a stay was booked?

The old group pay policy was horrible. My calandar would be blocked for 5-6 days waiting for them to pay. Some times as soon as the reservaton canceled out the group would rebook and hold off paying again. I am so glad they dumped that policy.

One night.