Cross over enquiries

Hello - a quick bit advice required please.

We’re brand new to this hosting business and this morning I woke to an enquiry for someone with an 11 hour time difference asking for a discount on a weeks stay. I responded saying I might be able to make a discount but becuase of the time difference haven’t heard back yet. I haven’t pre-approved or declined the offer.

In the meantime I’ve had another enquiry for more or less the same dates but not asking for any discount. What would be considered good air bnb etiquette here? If the first person hadn’t been asking for a discount then I would have pre-approved them but because we we’re in discussion I thought it easier not to… but now I’ve had another enquiry.

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you!

I generally do not hold a spot for anyone. Frequently I have inquiries that go nowhere. You can approve and they are still not confirmed until they book. That way the first to book gets it. This assumes you are equally happy with either booking.


Thanks Martha. Yes, I guess you’re right. I can just pre-approve both and whoever books it gets it. That makes sense.

Thank you.

I think I would pre-approve the second inquiry that is willing to pay full price. Though it is not always the case, there tends to be a correlation of people who ask for discounts tending to also be more difficult and demanding guests. This is a business, you deserve to get as much for your time and effort as you can, and you don’t owe these discount seeking strangers anything.


First come first serve. Check if the second inquiry got good reviews

I actually mention in my listing that i usually pre-approve most inquiries, but the booking is still available to others until they confirm it.

When I do get inquiries about the same dates, I usually write both people a note to let them know there’s interest. I like transparency.

First come, first serve. Or maybe the better cliche is snooze, lose.

Give it to the person who is ready to book now. Discount seekers are often red flags. You can always withdraw the pre approval on the first person. I would.

Generally when I don’t hear back from them right away, I never will. Often they are doing a blanket inquiry and sending the same message to several hosts.

Don’t worry about etiquette. You are not obliged to host anyone!


It’s not booked until it’s booked. Cash is king.