Critique my Listing (Uganda)

Greetings Team
Please critique my listing

Doesn’t look very welcoming, a bit soulless really.

So is it a whole bungalow or is it rooms? Confusing house rules and amenities, plus sod having a curfew on entertaining in a whole house listing.


Dark photos, no pictures on the walls? No view? Pictures of one bathroom, but there are 3 and 1/2?

I dont know where to start…
First, you’re listing it as a entire bungalow and then you say the living space is shared with other guests? If you want to rent 3 different rooms separately you will need to have 3 different listings, one for each room.

There isnt a picture of every room. The bed on the picture looks messy. Make the bed with nice bedding and then take the picture.

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Photos are dark and need to be horizontal/wide angle to show us those spacious rooms! Need to show every room, made up to look like a magazine article.

Is this a 3 BR bungalow, or 3 rooms for rent individually in a bungalow. For the latter you need 3 listings.

Ensuite in Europe/America means a bathroom inside every bedroom. Is that the case here? Or is there a shared bathroom that everyone uses?

Curfew on entertaining is going to be impossible to enforce!

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Thanks Deb
I have the decor, i just haven’t put it up.
It’s a bungalow with 3 ensuite bedrooms.
I think the best way would be to list the different bedrooms separately, thanks for the feedback.

Thanks John, i’m going to make some changes

I would also say take better pictures (wide angles, details). The garden and the front of the house look nice but guests sleep in the bedrooms. Put pictures of every bedroom and every bathroom. Arrange the beds nice like in hotel. Use a little bit of color, a bit of art on the walls. It is ok but it looks kind of dull, like someone said above.

The curfew rule like no guest after 6 pm is rather strange. To me, if you allow guests to have guests it doesn’t make sense to put a curfew on it. How are you going to enforce it? If you rent separately the 3 bedrooms and also the entire house you will have to have a total of 4 listings.
Keep working on it, it’s a very good start.

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Thanks Gem
I will make changes and make 3 different listings.

Hi Ken, its 3 BR bungalow but i want to rent them out individually, Thanks for the response.

Looks stylish and pretty good, especially considering the price. I guess after that it all comes down to the host. Good luck.

Thanks adrienne,
I will make the changes.

Thank you Mexican :slight_smile:

Please do it asap because if anyone books now you will have to honour what they booked which is the whole house. Make sure you title the rooms appropriately like:” Private room in a SHARED spacious bungalow”. Make it VERY clear that they will share with other guests and not you. Write it in the first paragraph. Guests do not read, they will expect to have the whole house and you’ll have troubles.

Keep the pictures of the whole house and gardens for the end for each listing.

Are there many entire house listings in your area? Do you think your area is visited by larger groups of people? Because it might worth to have a listing for the entire place as well. You can connect all 4 listings so the individual rooms will be blocked automatically if someone books the whole house


Thanks a bunch Gem I am changing to private room now.
There are always quite a number of groups visiting.

So the entire bungalow of three bedrooms rents for 50.00 ? That’s a great deal Have you adjusted your listing?
Good luck to you

Hi Gem,check out what i have edited and advise.

Thanks Mtn gal
I think the right way would be to list the the bedrooms separately
It should be 150$ for the entire Bungalow

BREE: In your kitchen photo, I only see a portable countertop burner for cooking. You might mention you do not have a traditional oven/stove for those who wish to bake their food. Plus, there is no coffee maker, which may attract more guests.

I noticed barbed wire is strung on top of the tall brick walls surrounding the house. Can you take new exterior house photos that do not show the barbed wire? Potential guests may think your adjacent neighborhood is not safe; especially, when your Airbnb description states there is a 6 p.m. entry curfew.

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Yes makes sense to me. Nice bungalow.

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