Creative Scammers

Wanted to share with group the AWESOME Request I got this morning:

Dear Azreala
I am reaching out to discuss an opportunity with you. My friend and I will be traveling to 5 countries across Europe very shortly and will be filming our journey to post on YouTube. One of the series we will be shooting is “How to AirBNB Your Way Through Europe” and we would like to have your AirBNB be a part of this series. We will take video of your AirBNB and include it in the episode highlighting it and comparing it to some of the AirBNBs from the other cities we are traveling to (Munich, Gimmewald, Interlaken, Vienna, Cinque Terre, Salzburg, Pisa, Rome, and Venice). In addition to the promotion provided through being a part of this series, we can also take high quality images and/or video of your AirBNB for you to use on your listing (on our $5,000+ camera setup). All we ask in return for these services we would normally charge $1,000+ for, is a free stay in your AirBNB from June 20th to June 23rd (yes, our stay would start later today). When we reached out to top tier AirBNBs in other cities, we had many replies of people wanting to be a part of this series, so I do want to let you know that this position is first come first serve. Let me know if you are interested in being a part of this series. We hope to bring all of the AirBNBs taking part in this series many new customers in the coming months and years both through the promotion offered as well as through the high quality photos and video. I understand it is the high season but because our stay is so close and you are still not booked, we hope you will consider this promotional opportunity in order to increase your bookings throughout the future. I look forward to your prompt reply.

-Kyle B.

Yes, I reported it and declined, but just wanted to let everyone know that the scammers are getting REAL creative.


:joy::joy: I can’t wait to read your reply. If you can even be bothered to write one!


Oops missed the last bit!

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Well, sent them my auto-generated "Hi, Thanks for the inquiry’ email… to which the scammers replied saying "I clearly did not read their proposal, and since they had SO MANY people already interested they would take me off their list’. I promptly declined, and since ABB kinda forces to write a decline message I put ‘SPAM SPAM SPAM’.



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How could you pass up this golden opportunity to rent out your place in exchange for zero money?
They sure showed you!
I’m sure the next person on their “list” will be more grateful.


I would pre approve.


But the best part was when they replied with:

If we don’t get your answer right away we are “MOVING ON!!!”

Too damn good, this one really takes the prize!


“Thank you so much for including me in your kind offer. As you can understand we also in business and cannot give our product for free . However if you stay and pay full fare and we see the end result of a massive increase in business we would be happy to refund your stay!”


Love it. Automatically turning down spammers as a service.


Yes, the scammers are getting more creative and just downright have no shame in their game. This is mine through Trip Advisor. The guy first sent an inquiry asking if the dates were available. I confirmed they were. This was his response:


thanks for your swift response to my mail. I have been contracted to do a voice over recording for a private group in regards to their campaign targeted at helping kids living with cancer.I have gone through the pictures of your apartment and I like the condition of the place would be happy to take on the mentioned dates.

The sponsor will be making payment in full directly to your bank account if that is ok with you. the group do not have access to credit card payments.hope to hear from you soon.

Regards John"

They are stooping so low to mentioning kids with cancerl…shaking my head.


You’d really think that scammers would learn to use capital letters properly…


Cancer is the oldest scam in the world. How many shady cancer “charities” do we have in the USA alone?


New Product Offering?? Scammer Detection SAAS?


I sent you a friend request but you never accepted! :cry::disappointed_relieved::cry::heart_eyes:


I wonder if these filmmakers ended up in the local hostel that night?! Bahahahahahhahahahaha​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


‘How to travel Europe in Hostals bc we are poor Students’


Are you the fat hairy guy or the Ukrainian-style platinum blonde? :thinking:

That could actually be possible somehow, but I am not sure it’s worth adding an option to the menu.

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hahahaha…maybe a combo of both???

This is one of those things I would love to run with just to mess with them if I was bored that day. Wow, you have a youtube channel, how many subscribers do you have? Can I see a link so I can see your services before hand? As an artist I am well versed in “you should do it for the exposure.” Guess I am not suprised people are trying that here.