Creating a second listing

Hello Airbnbers,
if you have a 2 night min req on your listing. how can you fill the one night in between ?
create a second listing with min req 1 night ? can you sync your calendar from the original listing to the second listing ? both on ABB. any great ideas on how to book the one night in between ?

Wow! Great question! This makes me re-think my two-night minimum, as I have a 24 hour notice for IB. Maybe better to have a one night minimum?

Here is instructions posted on Reddit about how to set different minimum day requirements for different time periods.

It’s easy. Go to your calendar/availability settings and look for the boxes for minimum stay and maximum stay. Underneath those two boxes you’ll see “add another requirement”. click through that and you’ll now see a drop down menu for “During” click on that and scroll down to “specific dates” and than enter your specific dates and chose the new minimum for those specific dates.

I use this function all the time when I want to fill in extra days between bookings, so I’ll accept 1 or 2 night bookings when normally the minimum is three nights.


I learn so much on this forum! Thank you!

Ellen - this is brilliant and I just followed your instructions. Thank you so much. I emailed Airbnb about this but they never responded. Excellent information!

Hmm 2 of the same listing. I don’t think ABB would like people doing that. Otherwise people might start making like 100 listings to increase booking chances.

You are very welcome.

I have 2 of one listing. AirBnB know. It has never been a problem. They NEVER have the same dates available, ever. So it has no influence on increasing booking chances - when someone puts their dates in, they will never have both of the listings show up.

My main listing has a minimum stay of 3 days, to prevent people booking a solo night in the middle of five days (which ruins things for the host - indisputably - most of us will not be able to book those last four days without heavy discounts, leading to a loss). Having a minimum stay of 3 days means I limit those gap days that guests create.

When I do have gap days left over, I add those dates to my “gap” listing, which by default has nothing else available. That listing makes it crystal clear that it’s not my main listing and if they can’t see the dates they need they should check my main listing. I have no minimum stay on this second listing and I discount the days to sell them. It’s my “special deals” listing and it’s written that way too.

It’s frustrating that AirBnB force this to happen as they have no setting to prevent people creating crazy gaps. But this has been the simplest way for me to do it. You can see instantly when you have gaps to transfer by using the single calendar. Here’s a screenshot of mine. As you can see, I had a two day gap so I simply made those two days available on the gap listing (top listing) and set not available in the main one (bottom) - and the gap was sold to a two-day guest. Every other day, the top one stays as Not available.

You can access your single calendar at .

I just followed EllenN tips. it works for SEPT ( the next 30 days) but i had to keep min 2 nights for the rest of period ( from 10/1- 11/30. Thanks EllenN.

i also like elliel 's second listing. However, i have questions about creating a second listing. things like how does my second listing appear at search results ? i work hard on my original listing to keep it up in the search. do i now need to work hardd on the second one too ? sounds like a lot work. how do you do it elliel ?

How do you do this? I just added a couple of photos yesterday – will that help?

My second listing shows up only when I have dates available, and it shows up for exactly the same reasons as the first. Good reviews, lots of photos, good price, location etc. I did have to discount in the beginning to get a few reviews, but then, I’m discounting those days anyway!! :slight_smile: so it was no skin off my nose.

I have exactly the same photos and description apart from two lines explaining that it’s my special listing just for discounted days.

I think it’s VERY unlikely most guests ever see one listing and then bother to go find the other one. They will only see the special one in search results if it exactly matches the 1-2 days they want, so they just go ahead and book. With only 1-2 days available each time, that’s not very many people having it come up in a search. But it’s enough for me to sell my gap days and it works pretty well.

It took maybe an hour to set up in the beginning, all I did was copy and paste everything over into the second listing and made sure no days are available. I selected “I want guests within one year” and manually made sure the entire months were marked unavailable for that year.

After it’s set up, you can move the available days over from one listing to another in that single calendar I linked - it takes ten seconds. Click gap dates, mark as unavailable. Click same dates in the gap calendar, mark as available. Done. Refresh the screen and double check there is no overlap. Finished! :slight_smile:

Show and tell lol

Let’s pretend the Friday and Saturday are gap days.


Select your gap days on the main listing and mark them unavailable


It then looks like this


Select the same dates on your special listing and give them a nice price then mark them available


Done - and you can see instantly that there is no overlap.

Thanks much elliel - Would it be possible to get a link to your 2 listings ?

elliel - Have you tried airbnb to sync your two calendars ? is it possible ?

Would prefer not to post my listings, sorry.

And no, you can’t synch the calendars to each other to my knowledge.

It’s no problem. Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers :slight_smile: