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Crazy low price


I am so surprise that price can get so low.We had just booked a place in Nantes end of the month.
Good for us but I am not sure how they can manage so low price, many only until they get some comments?

That place looks gorgeous - especially for the price! I admit that I get mildly grumpy when Air advises people to set their prices low until they get some reviews - it makes the rest of us seem so expensive by comparison. Odd though that she has no reviews at all as she’s been a member since last November.

It was very easy and good communication so we will see. But this size and nice place and I am still surprise about the price we paid…

Yes, the size looks amazing :slight_smile:

and I am surprise that It was no rules…

Oh, I didn’t notice that. She’ll live to regret it :slight_smile:
(Not when you’re there of course!)

Maybe she has taken a long time to get the place ready and didn’t realise she could snooze the listing and that’s why she’s had no reviews?

yes maybe
I will try to give her some advice when we will be there.
The most surprising is to accept smokers…I hope it will not smell smokes as we are no smokers

If ever I smell Gauloises, I am instantly transported to France in my mind :slight_smile:


There’s a neighboring one for even less??? https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/13777374

Why so cheap? Bonkers! That looks like a lovey, fun place. I don’t think I could live with the bright colours at home but for a vacation home, they are perfect. And I love the storage made from wine boxes :slight_smile:

But why are these places so VERY cheap?

Low season funk? Desperate for guests?

Um, those are approximately the same prices I’m charging. But maybe it’s low for Europe.

I haven’t looked at your place recently but I remember it well and the price is too low :slight_smile:

Maybe due to all terr activity lately in France?
Not many tourists?

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