CRAZY change in "price tips"!

I check ABB daily, usually in the morning, I always change my calendar just a little bit, either adjusting a price, opening or closing a day. And I ALWAYS, do a quick check of the “price tips” for the next 3 months ( I don’t book out further than 3 months).

So, I have my house listed two ways as most of you know already.
One is the private room/bathroom, and one is the whole house.

Well, for the month of August, I liked the price tips they were suggesting for the weekends on the whole house rental, so I changed them all to reflect their price tips.

Important to mention that my home is just 30 minutes from a really popular place to be in August. Anyway, the price tips were between $134-$142 on the weekend nights and over $120 on weekdays.

All of a sudden this morning, the price tips for the whole house are, I’m not kidding…$90-$110!!!

I checked my private room listing, and their suggested price tips have stayed the same, $52-$62.
They are just CRAZY.

My 4 day reservation in June that got booked in April, I had the prices for the private room up to $74/night. Admittedly, there is an event happening in the area. And the woman who booked the private room for the July 4th holiday booked at that price also!

I will do more research tomorrow to see what others nearby are charging in that time frame. But has anyone else seen such a dramatic change?

I completely ignore all of their ridiculous price suggestions. They are meaningless.


Agree with @konacoconutz. We use Beyond Pricing.

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