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Crafting Rules for Allowing Pets - I need forum wisdom!

She’s marking and no matter how you shampoo it the smell will always be there to other dogs. I had carpet and padding replaced and I treated the concrete floor with enzymes. Still that same spot was one of the prime places. I’ve reupholstered furniture that was re-marked. Carpet is unbearably nasty and I cringe when I think of how long I tolerated it.


I am ok with carpet in a shoes off house, where food is kept in the kitchen/diner and the carpets are vacuumed with a Miele and shampooed. It’s a climate and noise dampening thing.
Funnily enough my dog doesn’t go back to the same wee spot, it’s random. She also did it when we had to visit her rental property!

Yes we discussed it previously. I will never again have carpets in a home where I have pets. I was fine with it for 40 years. Then I removed my own carpet (instead of having someone do it for me). I’m also seeing clearly what is on the floor that was previously hidden by carpet. But it’s fine for some people, just not me. We all have our standards, I’m fine with hand washing dishes but not carpet and not cats on kitchen counters.


I am not only fine with hand washing, I love it. I truly, do. I’ve never owned a dish washer.

I definitely allow cats and I have one long time, repeat guest who has brought her two cats for a week at a time for seven years in a row.

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Thanks so much for the wealth of information regarding Pets. We are Professional Pet Sitters and know first hand how the mellowist dog can experience anxiety when their Owners leave them in a strange place. We are new Hosts and are open to taking certain Breeds. After reading this Post and responses I have added verbiage to my Rule Policy.
Great Site!

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Just a postscript to this post, I have change my time limit to 3 hours and I email all guests with dogs at least one week before their arrival and remind them of the rule.

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How is that working out? I am building a second unit and intend to allow dogs but I plan on not allowing dog to be left alone. Almost all the cafes have decks and allow dogs, the mayor of our town is a dog. (google Mayor Max Idyllwild) I do not see a reason to leave fluffy pup in my cabin if you could not bear to leave him in the kennel!!


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So far so good. I’ve only had one accident that I know about, but I have had dogs chew things. Most dog owners have been great. But it only takes one, as we know.


We have a Professional Pet Sitting Business besides Airbnb. You really cannot ask someone to Crate a Dog IF the Dog is Not use to being in a Crate. Most Dogs will Freak and probably do something destructive when it gets out from being Crazy!
Otherwise I like your Pet Rule…

I don’t require guests to crate their dogs, but I encourage them to bring one if they use it.

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I require pets to be crated any time they are not properly supervised (i.e. if left alone) and I am willing to provide crates to save them traveling space. It also does not allow them to say they can’t crate their dog because they don’t have a crate. I have had several reviews thank me for this. I also provide professional pet care so have provided this to my Guests as well and was thanked in the review for this too. The crates were included in the pet fees, the care was not. My pet fees are $15/night/pet if house trained and $25 if not. Most everyone say their dogs are house trained but a coupon have admitted up front they were not. One said they were but the first thing the dog did when it came in the house was lift its leg so that immediately went to an in housetrained dog, and of course a new surprise Thanksgiving puppy was certainly not house trained but owner was good about keeping him in crate or off of carpet. I also charge a $50 fee to those who bring undisclosed pets and for those that do not clean up the dog duty in the yard, double bag it and place it in the outside trash can.

That’s marking, unrelated to being “housetrained” or not. The more it happens the more it will happen. It’s a big risk in dog boarding. I finally had to give away a perfectly good chair because it was such a magnet for marking.

I have just bought a UV light for detecting unreported spots. Can’t wait to use it! The way my experience has been with Airbnb I will add the UV lit pics to my regular pre-check-in to do list. Normally I have the ore and post in only the regular light.

I wonder if guests aren’t getting the seriousness of that phrase - how about putting the word ‘not’, in there? -
but please show good judgment by not leaving your dog alone in a strange place for minimal amounts of time -

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Because I do allow guests to leave their dogs alone.

maybe add ‘not’ and change minimal? That sentence does seem to me like guests might not get it.

Allowing the guests to leave their dogs unattended in a strange house is what will allow these problems much more regularly.

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Regardless of what you want to call it, they peed in my house and are not going to be allowed to do it and certainly not for free…

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No certainly not. Good luck.

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You will find 99.9% of ALL hospitality industry (hotel, AirBnB units, etc.) require the dog not be left unattended if not crated, and crating has a 4 hr limitation in consideration of the dog. We certainly have that rule. If you do not want to leave your dog at home, that means you want it WITH you at all times. Dog-traveling guest have come to expect it. We also require they cover the furniture w/their own sheets, and vacuum prior to departure, and charge $35 extra per reservation. Keep with your rules. The more consistent all of us are, the easier it makes it on guests.

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