Covid cleaning but no Covid

I think you are making more of the cleaning requirements than there is to it. They don’t do oversight, they just ask that you agree to cleaning principles. Yes, we all know that NZ and OZ are the poster children for how lockdowns work, that you’ve had few cases and fewer deaths, and that the America’s Cup crowds at the Viaduct looked alien to the rest of the world, with everyone cheek to cheek. We all know that you only have fellow Kiwis as guests and you’re all alarming healthy and cheeky. :wink:

Do the video, read the e-book, click the button. Get more reservations with fewer fees and better name recognition.

Especially if Air accounts for most of your business. It won’t kill you and other booking platforms will also require a similar “training.”

Heck, cruise ship companies are requiring proof of vaccination in order to book a cruise. It’s the 60s and 70s all over again. Oh wait, you can’t go to lots of places without a vaccine.

For my main property nearly all my advance bookings are Vrbo. The smaller one was mainly Airbnb as I only recently listed it on Vrbo.

I don’t wear masks. Both properties take about 4 hours to clean with laundry on top of that. I don’t see a distinction between a protocol and a commitment to fully comply without exception which I can’t guarantee.

If a guest catches Covid in your house you will be legally liable if any fault can be found in your compliance.

So much wrong with that statement, seriously.


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So much wrong with that statement, seriously.


I’m hoping it’s hyperbole, not a New Zealand gov’t heavy-handedness. At the beginning of their lockdown, the gov’t was actively encouraging people to tattle on their neighbors. It was pretty Orwellian to this Yank.

They’re enjoying quite a bit of normalcy except the new tenant laws really stuff up the landlords. Housing crisis isn’t helping due to all the returning “wealthy expats” (sic) who aren’t all wealthy and just want to go home, like they would pre-pandemic.

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Really? Imagine your cleaner in the witness box with the plaintiff’s lawyer grilling.

You’re not only over thinking this, but your thought processes are coming across as neither logical nor rational.

You do what makes you feel comfortable.



As most defendant’s lawyers will tell you, it’s extremely hard to prove that staying at your place is the ONLY place someone could have been exposed to the virus, especially if they traveled on public transport.

Anti-maskers are neither.

I don’t see such a thing ending up in court, but I do see Airbnb possibly considering it a reason to delist someone.

This conversation is going nowhere fast! To bring up anti-masker? He doesn’t want to comply with Air’s Covid protocol, that’s his choice to leave the platform! I don’t understand, but I am not him and we all manage our STRESS the way that fits us!

Why would you wear a mask when there are no Covid cases in your country and all incoming passengers have to quarantine until they are safe?

Curious as to how you think that is rational or logical?

About the cleaning & bookings. My area is picking up steam.

Interesting change in bookings:
Last year my 1 Br 1ba max 2 guests condo was busier than my friends’ massive oceanfront houses.

Apparently families want to catch up on missed time together. A friend’s oceanfront home sleeps 10 is booked solidly to November 2021 then Jan-March 2022. I think he already has a June 2022 booking.

Another friend’s home that sleeps 16 is booked almost as much.

A couple of my bookings are “overflow” of having family staying close by but not enough beds for all.

I can tell you my friends with large homes on VRBO are not changing their cleaning routines.

One is encouraging guests bring something like Lysol spray if they want to wipe the home down at check in.

I know what the hotels do is the maid doesn’t even go in the room for at least 24 hours…Treat every person as if they have Covid. I’m going to wear shoe covers and gloves and a mask just to be on the safe side. Covid is not going away anytime soon and there are more contagious variant coming

If you’ve a 24hr buffer, a mask is sufficient if coupled with a hand sanitising regime, although no harm in using gloves as well, my OH does.

The biggest issue is do you know how to use both effectively…

From a Hotspot Hoster :wink:


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I am looking for options regards Prep time, and found this thread.

Having recently read this news article, it might be of interest re the need to clean surfaces with disinfectant. It seems those here are already in the right mindset, but if it helps, seems the CDC in America has now said enhanced cleaning with disinfectant is not helpful or needed for Covid19. So for ‘surface’ transmission at least, only normal cleaning is recommended for most people.

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Oops… the link!

Search for Business insider

Or cdc-relaxed-cleaning-rules-disinfectants-for-covid-19-not-necessary