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So they just apply at their state employment office type entity?

That’s what he did. Online. Easy. I am going to try for one of the “go to your own bank” business loans for mortgage payments on my rentals. Although, I think the rates are 3.75%. I imagine THAT will be a bit more paperwork. But I will post here if it is uncomplicated.

Best of luck to you and thanks for this info.

FYI, We are in the middle of a refi, which we started before this whole pandemic panic. The bank loan process was very backed up because masses was trying to take advantage of the fed lowering rates. They guaranteed our lock for 180 days because they were so backlogged. It took longer than normal to get the appraiser out.

So, I imagine banks are going to be really overwhelmed now that they have these new assistance programs and desperate borrowers in the mix.

You might also advise owners if their cleaners paid income tax on their earnings as self employed persons - they do not have to be “employees” to get unemployment. Just show they have been reported income to the irs as self employed people. Up until the latest stimulus you had to be getting a weekly “paycheck” from an “employer” that has paid into the uinsured insurance program. Apparently someone got to some congressman to remind them that 15% of people were sole self employed people: Yoga instructors, Uber drivers, dog sitters, etc. THE VERY PEOPLE LOSING THEIR JOBS. I’d love to know who to thank.

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Here is a US Department of Labor site with links to state unemployment benefits.
I assume volume will be heavy. State unemployment rules vary; in some states you may have had to have been paying state and/or federal unemployment taxes/contributions (in addition to FICA employment taxes) to be eligible. Drawing a wage and being structured as an S corporation seem to be the most common ways to qualify.
Here’s a Nerdwallet site with state by state chart:
Applies only to existing state requirements that were on the books; does not count the federal stimulus package. Of course states may alter their rules in the current situation; lots of unknowns.
Your eligibility for the federal stimulus unemployment benefit may be complicated if you are drawing from a retirement account or receiving a pension. I don’t know what the new stimulus says about income caps relating to eligibility for self-employed individuals.


Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

Property Tax Relief

psst @Brian_R170 & @HH_AZ

From: Maricopa County Treasurer []
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2020 1:32 PM
Subject: Coronavirus Update

Dear Maricopa County Property Owner,

Below is a copy of a Press Release from my office letting the public know the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office is doing what we can to relieve the negative financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis by giving some help to taxpayers.

I hope the Legislature steps up to help and I pray for each of you, wish you the very best, and please keep safe.

Royce T. Flora

Maricopa County

For Immediate Release
Media Contact
Ron Bellus
(480) 206-2342

Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora Asks Legislature to Extend Property Tax Payment Deadline

Phoenix, AZ (March 26, 2020) - Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora today asked the Arizona Legislature to extend the deadline for property owners to pay the second half of 2019 property taxes to June 30th. Taxes on all commercial and residential properties are currently due and are considered past due May 1st.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact our citizens, many of whom have lost their job, the last thing people need to worry about right now is how to pay their property taxes,” said Treasurer Royce Flora. “Some people are struggling with paying rent, utilities, and food for their family so we are asking the legislature to give us the authority to extend the deadline to pay property taxes to help families,” he added.

The Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office is also asking the Legislature to give all County Treasurers throughout the state the authority to waive all penalties and interest associated with any delinquent property tax.

“We hope the State Legislature will make a quick decision in favor of taxpayers at a time when they need Government help the most,” said Treasurer Flora.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora, contact Ron Bellus at (480) 206-2342.

Thanks! I don’t foresee a need to delay payment of my property tax, but it’s nice to know I might have that option.

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Ditto what Brian said but nice to know that AZ is being responsible to all of us.

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United States
Bar Industry Workers

United States Barworkers Guild

Charity Grants and other resources


Facebook group connecting hosts and medical professionals needing housing:


@Brian_R170 and @HH_AZ someone looking for housing in Scottsdale/Chandler on this facebook group.

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This morning I received an email from Airbnb saying that hosts are eligible for unemployment assistance.

I live in the US (North Carolina) and earn half of my income from airbnb, and half from an hourly job. I already filed for unemployment for the hourly job already, and don’t see a way to add in the lost short term rental income. Does anyone have any idea how to actually do this?

Instagram host accounts


Inns, beds and breakfast, and boutique hotels across the country have come together to launch STILL INN BUSINESS, a preparedness campaign created amid COVID-19 social distancing in show of small business camaraderie and economic optimism.

Month of April 2020

Free 30 day promotion/networking opportunity for hosts on Instagram. Follow @bnbsaroundtheworld and #BnBphotoChallenge20 on Instagram for participation details.

Helpful article specifically mentioning Air hosts

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A couple of your favorite people: Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi! :wink:


Cross-posting a related discussion link here.

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Inhabit IQ is a unique collective of tech-forward companies serving the vacation and property management industries.

Toby Babich, VRMA Board President stated, “We welcome and appreciate Inhabit IQ’s donation to the VRMA advocacy fund and their commitment to the vacation rental community. This contribution will allow us to further our effort in providing tangible assets for our members and the greater industry. Due to the ongoing pandemic and crisis, it is vitally important that the vacation rental community advocates for their industry to ensure fairness in economic recovery efforts by explaining the value we bring to the travel and tourism ecosystem.”

Scott Butler, Inhabit IQ’s Executive Vice President, added, “Recognizing the challenges professional property managers face at the federal, state, and local levels of government, we understand the great need for meaningful advocacy resources. Inhabit is especially gratified to contribute to industry revitalization efforts on the heels of the pandemic that has temporarily hindered vacation travel, which is such a hallmark of American life. We are grateful for the impactful work done by VRMA and anticipate continued success as we respond to the difficulties presented in 2020.”

So far this year the VRMA Advocacy Fund allowed for a concerted effort to create protections for professional property managers in Georgia, through direct lobbying and the industry’s first Georgia vacation rental economic impact study. More information about this impact study can be found here.

Korean Government initiative to partially subsidize vacations for working persons.

The government has decided to expand beneficiaries in its vacation support program for workers at small or medium-sized companies in a bid to help boost the domestic tourism industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, officials said Friday.

The program run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is aimed at vitalizing domestic travel and improving a corporate culture regarding vacation of employees.