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Cover unsightly electric panel?


I have and I’m not finding anything but will do some more digging. Thank you.


We have a period travel poster (1940s artwork) in a cheap frame with a thin black plastic frame and cardboard backing - so very lightweight. It hangs over the electric panel to cover it. The apartment has been inspected twice in the last year or so - once when we had remodelling done and again for the local STR license. It was never mentioned as a problem.


For my SC rental a licensed electrician told me I couldn’t cover the electrical panel doors and couldn’t paint them due to code. However if I did paint them, when I go to sell the unit, I would have to return the panel to it’s original color.

In the condo I used to live in, while I was there, I hung a pretty light weight print (canvas over wood stretch frame-no glass, no edge frame) using a piano hinge on the side (no nails over breaker box—too many wires). If I did that in a rental, I would use a label maker and label it breaker box.

The picture can be easily removed.

Have fun being creative!

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