Could I have some critiques of my new listing?

I’m especially looking for input on the things I can still change like the rules, description and photos.

I’m not happy with the photo of the smaller bathroom and I’m working on it…It’s really hard to photograph.

The price is much higher than what you see during certain periods, like reunions.

I think you should add more pictures of the big bedroom. From another angle. Also, I’m not sure where that kitchen table is? Maybe take a picture from the other way so we can see the whole space?
Not quite sure what you mean by “we will be staying in the same general area”… you mean you live near by? You’re listing a dog but he’s not there during stays…? Do you live there with the dog sometimes then?

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Your house rules mention security deposit, but when I put in dates as if to rent it, I don’t see a security deposit listed. Do you have that set up?

Is your food processor and stuff really under the TV? Like in the living room? Just wanted to clarify because that seemed a strange place to store kitchen gear.

Otherwise, it looks fine to me. :slight_smile:

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you need a wide angle lens for bathroom.
Nice place. I rented near you for graduation this past year…nephew finished up in June.
You are very lucky to live in such a fantastic place.


We will be staying in an apartment in New York, which is about an hour away. I was trying to be vague about where, so potential guests would think we were closer and less likely to have a party.


Hmm. I assumed that you lived in this house as well because you mentioned the dog and that you have your personal belongings in some closets. Why/when is there a dog there if you don’t live there? And why do you store your things there? Just curious.

eta: Or maybe you do live there but stay somewhere else when someone wants to book?? This is very unclear from the listing.

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We live in the house with our dog. We also have an apartment we can stay in. The dog will be with us in the apartment when the house is rented.

We only have the house available for rent on weekends, summer, Spring Break, and other times when my younger son does not have school.

Perhaps reword the dog section by saying: While no pets will reside in the space when you are there, this place is not suitable for those with pet allergies.


Yeah, it’s a pretty small house. Only about 1200 SQFT.

The living room and kitchen/dining room are all kind of an open plan style. The cabinet is very close to the kitchen.

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I think it’s nice that you tell potential thieves where you are storing your person items, and that you are only in “the general area” so they can take advantage of the situation.

The writing needs tightening up and consistency in tense and person.


Very nice space, I love the sofa, everything looks clean and fresh, you have created a lovely space. Perhaps you could add a photo of the front door or yard if there is a outdoor area to lounge… Nice that you have included pics of dining spots, & places to visit…I included the local theater, museum and fun local hang outs, like craft beer pubs, live music, parks within walking distance, rec center. I find if I can give my guests suggestions that are easy to access from my home they really appreciate it, my experience has been most guests don’t want to cook much other than a bit of toast, tea, coffee or quick & easy eats, mostly they want to get out and explore when on holidays. Your street map of the area is so valuable to guests! I have some copies printed with local hot spots. (include the hours that they are open) a shot of the street is always nice too, land marks make easy to find your way when in a new environment.
Good luck & well done!


Nicely updated. Looking as a potential guest, the photos give me a good idea of the space. The photos of the pots & pans, games, busses and restaurants are ‘worth a thousand words’. I am wondering what is next to the desk in Bedroom 2? Is it a chair? A loveseat? A photo of the outside or the front door would be nice. I think it helps people know they are in the right place.

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It’s a loveseat. I’m actually thinking of getting rid of it, so I could change the bed from a twin to a full sized (double)

Point taken about the basement and office. I changed it to say that there is no guest access to those rooms.

Just a few of my suggestions :slight_smile: I haven’t hosted for very long but I’ve done a fair bit of research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  1. It’s still not very clear whether its a whole house listing.
  2. I think the description doesn’t mention the amenities in detail. I personally separate each part of the house as a key point, list the amenities in each section of the house. This way, guests also know what are their accessible spaces. Another advantage of a more detailed listing is SEO. There are some articles out there which claims a correlation between search rankings and number of words in the listing. It’s only a correlation though, not necessarily a causation.
  3. You should ensure the layout and format of the description write up is tidy, easy to read , and pleasant. It’s not just to make your listing attractive, but guests sometimes refer back for information and having a tidy listing makes the info easier to find.
  4. I would suggest investing in a professional photographer if the budget allows. Professional photos are seriously underrated, and they really help to distinguish your place from others.
  5. Use a couple photo (or family photo) if you can, for some reason people prefer photos of couples. If it’s a portrait photo, it should be one with a big wide smile.
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It’s listed as a whole house. It’s actually a 4 bedroom, not a 3 bedroom, but I call it 3 bedrooms on Air because the 4th bedroom is used as an office and will be locked.

Is it the mention of pets that makes it confusing?

I thought we had to check the “pets live here” box since we do own a dog, in case someone has very serious allergies.

I think it’s confusing because most whole house rentals don’t have people living in them. Maybe make a note in the listing that this is your primary residence that you rent out when you’re staying in your other home or something?

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It looks great. If I was renting out a place in Princeton I might put a sign saying “Albert Einstein slept here” above the bed. I once stayed in a hotel room in Prague that had sign on the door opposite saying it was where Franz Kafka worked. I got very excited by that. Though checked for large cockroaches under the bed before going to sleep. But that’s just me :slight_smile: