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Corona virus19 in the USA

I agree, but was hoping to be wrong😢


Thank you all for the chuckles and the ammunition. I’m one of those not quite so crazy frogs in New Mexico, USA. I’ve been having a rant on a local forum neighborhood about folks not wearing masks in the supermarket. With around 250 comments in the thread, I’d say we’re running 75% in favor and the balance are the real crazy frogs. I’m done trying to convince them that they’re wrong and am now telling them what some of the rest of the world thinks of them.
Thank you Lozette for the chart and leadership comment.
Thanks KKC for the story on the Texas family gathering.
Thanks muddy for the Karen, I’ve called her the Face of Anti-Maskers.
Thanks JohnF for the box of frogs.
As to the comment on cognitive brain dysfunction; my theory has been that Retardicans have been chewing the woodwork too much and they all, 99.9% of them, have severe brain damage to go along with the fat orange buffoon.
Keep it coming.


I wasn’t just being flippant about the cognitive dysfunction- they’ve done studies on the brains of fanatics- they show lesions on the prefrontal cortex- the part that can filter information and form opinions and make rational decisions based on the sorting and examination of that information. I’m pretty sure I bookmarked the article- I’ll look for it so you can add it to your ammunition stash.

@casitacresta @Lozette Here is a link to what I found to be a really insightful article that explains some things about the thinking (or lack of thinking) among the Trump crowd:

And here is the link to the scientific brain studies:


Totally scary stuff- the stuff of nightmares.


There’s been a lot of coverage in the UK and Spanish press over what’s happening in the US right now, and none of it positive. From a personal perspective, after going through one of harshest lock downs in Europe, I find it hard to understand why folks are so blase about a virus that is very real. We’re doing better in Spain, but still getting spikes.

It seems one of the major differences between here and the US is folks refusal to wear a mask when in shops, on public transport, or out and about if you can’t keep your distance from others. Here, it’s a €100 fine if the police get involved, but it’s pretty much community driven, the bus driver won’t let you on without a mask and shops simply won’t let you in without a mask.

I found some of the comments in this article incredible.

Dr Kim McGlothan recounted how she was frequently stopped by white people asking, “Is the media sensationalizing this, is it really as bad as they are making out?”

The US now has 30,000 cases a day and there are people shrugging and saying ‘It’s no big deal


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A slogan that caught my attention was “Mask It or Casket”. I think that Americans often overlook the differences between states with the exceptions of a few differing laws. The COVID19 crisis makes it feels more like we live in separate countries since the governors are doing the visible governing. Regulations that recommend or require visitors who go from one state to another isolate for 14 days are pretty unprecedented. (Not to mention the AirBnb challenge)


It’s beyond gobsmacking to think something, anything can be left to run rampant that kills people and it’s shrugged off as only taking out the weak, the elderly, the losers. To hear what I thought were normal people parrotting the same thing is stunning. Yes, the failure of leadership is stunning but then there are the millions of folks who won’t follow the simplest instructions to stay home and wear masks and sanitize your hands if you must go out.

Utterly predictable but I’m still annoyed I didn’t get a bit more of a respite during this summer. Apparently the heat doesn’t make is magically disappear.

I applied for unemployment over the weekend.


Other research shows trauma, including psychological trauma, causes both brain lesions and genetic damage. Many fundamentalist families rely on mental abuse to enforce obedience.

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The US had over 40,000 new cases yesterday. As far as being resistant to wearing masks, etc, many Americans have a thing about being told what to do, they consider it an imposition on their “freedom to choose”, even if it means thousands of people die needlessly. It’s truly imbecilic.


Many things involved in addressing the COVID situation in the US have been left up to the individual states. Our states simply are not used to governing like that. For example, bans on people coming in from other US states are unprecedented. DIfferences in cultural, religious and political beliefs coupled with dueling opinions in the media have created a perfect storm.

I also recently read an article that links psychopathic tendencies to not wearing a mask. It’s not at all surprising.

I’m really glad to live on a large piece of land these days, but I’m definitely nervous about opening my airbnb back up this week (guest house on my property, wish I could be leave it closed but I depend on the income).


That’s really one of the safest situations there is under covid. Just take all precautions when cleaning and your risk is relatively low. Hope you won’t be affected by all the re-closings and travel restrictions.

I will be reopening in the next month but since TX is spiking I don’t know how it will impact business.

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One of the reason for Spain now being in such a better position than the US is the fact we’re all obedient here. Folks didn’t like what they were being told to do, but they did it, and as a result saved lives.


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Yup, that’s why I’m proceeding with reopening. Although I think that travel does need to be restricted as there are a ton of maskless Floridans flocking to my town!

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Here is a thought for you good people in USA, This country like a few others has managed to get rid of this bug at the cost of having our borders closed. So we are back to normal so to speak. However look ahead enough and without a vaccine that everyone takes up (and they wont, some even refuse to be tested) then we will have no herd immunity whereas it is hard to see how US citizens apart from the several hundred thousand that do not make it, will eventually all have had the virus so 90% will be immune and able to go anywhere whilst we sit here with our border closed until enough of the world is immune naturally or by vaccine. We just love being back to normal, probably we have done the right thing but still wonder about how it can end for us in what, years and years before we open the border again? I guess we could/will have to revert to the old border-conrol vaccination card like the one I have in a drawer somewhere showing my shots for all sorts of nasties, even bubonic plague - nice to know I wont get that one anyway. Come to think of it the most useful test to develop for the border-card might be “tested Immune to Covid 19” to cover natural and vacine induce immunity. It all seems a long way off.

That’s also very uncertain. It’s the expectation but some troubling studies indicate immunity might not be the be all, end all, whether it’s by vaccine or the spread of the disease through the population. And then there’s the mutating aspect of the virus that we know little about.

Effective treatments so that getting it is survivable, and recovery is good, might end up being the real way out.

Good points, hopefully we will see advances in this area

I did just see comments out of the UK from researchers who think some part of the population may be naturally immune leading to quicker herd immunity. So that’s good news. The bad news is that it may be related to T-cells which die off in older folks, like me. So maybe some part of the population will be able to carry on as normal and we older folks will, indeed, have to either stay home or greatly increase our chances of dying younger than we planned.

Hmm not certain dying can be planned but our borders likely are going to be closed for a long time regardless of natural or induced immunity or whatever treatments are made available. Even with sealed borders we are seeing almost daily new cases for people arriving from overseas returning home and luckily so far at least, still in quarantine. We are starting now to really see the economic impact since governent subsidies are about to stop assisting with wages. This country was a net seller of tourism so a reasonably large chunk of the economy has vanished, The plan now is huge infrastructure spending - well not sure how tour operators can work conrete mixers… Wait and see, nice chatting.

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