Corona virus trajectories compared; economic impacts discussed

This article might help some people understand why we have to enact strict measures now and as quickly as possible. Western nations squandered a lot of time they are now trying to make up.

The first two graphics are informative. Here’s the first.


Interesting. but I am not convinced about the Chinese reported numbers…


And there are still so many people calling it “media hype”. Those people are actually dangerous, because they will spread the virus they don’t think is any big deal.


Interesting but not convinced by the US figures as the federated health system combined with the lack of free testing kits for the virus is making figures from the US pretty unreliable. @KKC

Most working in health specialising in infectious diseases agree they will turn out to be a lot higher there.

It is good to see the slow down in reported cases in China and other countries first reporting the outbreak of the virus.


I’m not convinced by any nation’s numbers; an authoritarian society like Iran or China isn’t going to be honest either. But the numbers that exist should scare the living daylights out of anyone with a basic understanding of science. Combined with all we don’t know about transmission, re-infection, recovery, the economic impact there’s a lifetime of uncertainty ahead. So it would be really great if people would stop acting like people should still keep their booking because they “don’t live in an affected area.”