Copy of host liability coverage

I am trying to get a copy of the terms and conditions for the host liability protection insurance and/or, if possible, a copy of the policy itself. I can find for the terms for the host guarantee, but not for the insurance, only a general description and common questions.

Does anyone know where it is is on the Airbnb site or how I can get it? Does anyone have a copy? Has anyone read it?


Anthony Giorgianni

They say it is not insurance. Although in advertising they word it to sound as if it is. It is only what you have read under the host guarantee terms, and nothing more, completely to the discretion of the ‘trip team’. These are people that tend to be based in Dublin from my experience, and they make all the decisions about whether you will be paid for damages or not. It’s really a he said she said thing, and whether you can provide enough evidence to get them to respond with a payout. I have had payouts for damage and thefts, but I have heard many reviews of hosts simply being cut off and given nothing. It really is not an insurance policy, and after acting and saying we insure hosts, they will then say ‘it is not insurance, you need to have your own insurance’.

Thank you, Sandy. I think maybe I confused you. The one I’m talking about is the insurance. It’s the one that protects hosts from liability for personal injury or damage to a traveler’s property, as opposed to the host guarantee, which covers damage to the hosts home and is NOT insurance.

From the Airbnb website: “The Host Protection Insurance program is insurance, and it’s designed to cover hosts in the event of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage.”

I’m trying to see what the terms and conditions are for that. I can’t find them anywhere on the site, unlike with the host guarantees, which has 21 pages of fine print when pasted into MS Word, some of it I couldn’t even understand!

Thanks again!

Anthony Giorgianni

Ah, sorry Anthony. I was reading that the other day. I wasn’t actually aware of it. We have umbrella insurance, and I am not really sure it covers us for paying guests, so I read about this insurance. I wouldn’t have a clue where to get the info. Perhaps you would need to place a call. Please let us know if you find it!

Thank you Sandy. I will!

Consider the amount paid for this “coverage” and that should tell you how good it might be.

Are there published cases where a host has been sued and this coverage provided any sort of teeth in their defense?

I wouldn’t trust Air to pay anything. I have had a very bad experience with the Host Guarantee for a small amount where the case manager has made a wrong decision, and the run around to get the customer service robots to look into it is impossible (10 calls later)