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Contact with real person at AIRBNB

Hi Everyone
I am looking for help as I am trying to contact someone re our account with Airbnb and cannot find either email address or telephone number.
If anyone can help please leave me a message.


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Please see the pinned post. I had to call Airbnb today regarding a minor issue. The call was answered within about three minutes and resolved quickly. I have always found them to be speedy, courteous and helpful :slight_smile:


I tried to call the US number a couple of weeks back and it was not working. I thought it was strange. Not sure if it was a fluke

Hi Baan TomMai
I am new to Airbnb as a host, and would like to know did your manage to contact someone re your account with Air bnb? and was your problem rectified.?

Good evening, does anyone have contact details for Airbnb South Africa? Really battling to get our correct address sorted out on our new listing and pulling my hair out.

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