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Constructive criticism about my listing wanted

Hello am I allowed to post my listing here to get advice about how to improve it?

I’ll try to explain my situation…

I started hosting in June.

I host part time because I travel for work about 5 days a week.

I do give discounts for longer rentals because they work for me. I live alone (my listing says I don’t) for safety I put that my friend also lives there. But he comes in and checks things and stays an occasional night or two. Anyway so far I’ve found I need to be home to do the cleaning and set up because I like things to be … perfect for check in just as if my mother was coming.

So I’m wanting to attract more 7+ Day stays. So far I have only had 3 people. The first said he loved my place but never posted a review, was visiting from Pakistan for a wedding. The second is back, house hunting and booked with me for a month. The other was also moving she stayed 12 days. I have a 3 week booking in November. I call them temporary roommates. And I do have my calendar blocked when I’m expecting family… Airbnb keeps telling me to unblock my calendar lol

People frequently post their listings here asking for feedback on them. We have recently had a discussion on how to attract longer duration bookings, you can search for it. And you may find the other threads where people have shown off their listings valuable. I did and used those threads as a guide when I was setting our listing up.

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Awesome thank you! I set up my listing in June to start hosting in July. Next day someone messaged me with a same day booking… I didn’t even know that was a thing (Learning as I go) but luckily I was still home and and able to take him… so I jumped right in, in June. Hosting someone from another country was a great experience I’m trying to learn from each one.

Anyway thank you I’ll look for the post I’m sure I need to do some updating!

Yes, that’s allowed. Other postings and links are allowed by well established members. It’s just that we tend to be suspicious of new members who ask about or post about paid services because then it seems like they are pretending to be hosts while actually using the forum to promote an outside site or service.

People can be quite critical here and often go off topic, so if you aren’t ready for that, don’t post your listing. LOL.

As an aside, make sure you don’t take bookings over 28 days or so without a separate rental agreement. Longer bookings and fewer reviews will lead to overall slower business. Airbnb is not the best platform for longer bookings, imo.


Thank you! I’ve been looking at other listings trying to find things that I like or dislike. I know I need to update my listing also take new photos. I’ll take honest but nice please… it’s a work in progress.

I live in Florida, 1-3 month rentals are very common we get all the snowbirds down here :grin: during the winter. Summer is a different vacation crowd.

I’m new but yes I’m really hosting… part time until I figure it out.

You need to revise whatever is “hidden by AirBnB” here:

Central Park, Jacaranda Country Club and Volunteer Park have lots of fun events on weekends many are listed on (Hidden by Airbnb) free.

Thanks! I believe it’s FB & Y elp LoL but I’ll put online? I didn’t realize they did that

I’ve had no problem referencing “Yelp”, but “TripAdvisor” usually ends up hidden by Airbnb.

If I’d like to check in at 12 noon your previous guest may have only just checked out at noon. No time for cleaning. Also I didn’t see a cleaning fee now that I think about it.

Hi yes I have a $40 cleaning fee and a 2 day block to set up Incase I’m not home after someone checks out.

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I didn’t know they did that I guess I get it, I’ll be more careful

I had to take a look again, thought my eyes must be playing tricks. Looked on the airbnb app and there were your Additional Prices. But when the link first opened for me it opened in the Chrome app on my phone, couldn’t find the cleaning fee etc, still don’t see them there, must be a chrome thing…or possibly my old phone…or possibly my old brain!

LOL YOU MADE ME LOOK! I’ve had that smart price thing bring my rate down to $22!! And somehow it seems to come back although I’ve set a base and weekend price :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hi Betty,

When you are taking new photos, try to take them at daytime. Natural light makes for more inviting photos.

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See it changes the prices :woman_shrugging:t2::thinking::woman_shrugging:t2::thinking::woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t get it??? So basically every month is like that so I just turned off my listing because I don’t have time to sit here and change the prices every other day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: In later months it drops to $30???

Your text is all a bit “gushy”, I’d prob swerve it. Then again, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing, from both perspectives.


LOL gushy? Swerve it how?

So far I’ve had great people :grin:

Nice room. I’d delete the pics of the naked bed. Also do you really want to host as many as four people for one bedroom? I think that’s not a good idea. They would probably take over the rest of your space. Just a thought.

When Nest Bedding gave me a mattress, one of the conditions was to put a picture of the naked bed with the logo at the foot of the bed visible in the listing. I was also asked to mention the bed in the listing. I held up my part of the bargain for about 1.5 years.


Thank you Yes I know I will only allow those bookings while I’m out of town they can fit the two airbeds in the living room if need be… Special events like Super Bowl :grin:

Although after Hurricane Matthew I had 8 people in there we had plenty of room :innocent:

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