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Consequences of Reviewing a bad guest?

Last night I had a guest who left my place a mess. They didn’t fully trash it, but they left red wine spilled on the floor, cigarettes in the trash, the kitchen a mess, and a plant and wine glass went missing. I feel like I should leave them an honest review but I have never had to leave a negative review before. I know the reviews are double blind but a guest could go back and change theirs to be negative once they saw yours, right? Are there any other potential consequences of leaving a guest a bad review? Can anyone share their experience doing this?

No, they can’t go back and change their review – which is the whole point of the double blind review. It is set up so that neither review is supposed to affect the honesty of the reviewer, either host or guest. However, the reality is that it puts a lot of pressure on you because you don’t want to seem petty to future guests. I either write honest reviews (95% are really good), or an honest but nice bad review, or no review at all – like when I had a guest who had older parents who didn’t follow the rules, such as drinks upstairs. I felt like this wasn’t really the girl’s fault, but neither could I leave her a bad review. Cigarettes in the indoor trash is one of my huge pet peeves – I would give a thumbs down for that, alone!

I thought that you had 14 days to edit your review once you left it?

Once they’ve both gone public they can’t edit. They can respond. Please leave the review they deserve. Ultimately that’s the only way the system has any intergrity.


I see a real bad review of a guest I had a few ago went up on their profile. I didn’t think ABB would allow it.

Air used to allow changes, and it used to not be double blind in the beginning. However… I would advise you to wait until the last minute in the guest time zone to leave the review. Get that exact time from an Air CSR. The reason is that if you do it earlier, they may sense you will be leaving a bad review and crack you one in return.

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