Confused about airbnb refund payouts

Please help me understand. I’ve had my first cancellation with my moderate cancellation policy. She cancelled at 6 days out and as far as I understand she should receive a full refund minus fees. Her total reservation fee was $490. I’m confused why Airbnb said they would refund her $185 when their fee for this transaction is $48.00 then ask me to refund her the rest? Why is airbnb asking me to refund her when I haven’t received any money in this transaction and then saying that they will deduct it from my next payout. Do I still get a payout even though she canceled and that’s the money they will deduct from? Otherwise it sounds like they will deduct it from my next reservation’s payout.

Trying to find the answers to this on their website or even googling the question has not been helpful and after scouring their website for a contact number I’ve become very frustrated.

That makes no sense. Perhaps they’re confused. Have you tried contacting them on Twitter? The numbers are on a thread here -

Doing a search for “Airbnb phone numbers” in the site brings up this thread (second hit). However, Twitter is still a reasonable way to contact them.

They always ask, doesn’t mean you need to refund. It’s a pressure tactic to keep customers happy. Offer to refund if you are able to reboot the dates. It doesn’t sound right as moderate gives them all back at this point except fees. Call and ask.