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Compliments not updating on Progress Page

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed the last few months that my “Compliments” given by guests haven’t updated in months and I can’t figure out why. I’ve had “Sparkling clean” selected 41 times by guests, for example. It has stayed at 41 total for as long as I can remember. Same with the other compliments I have received. But when I scroll through my reviews on my laptop, I can see I am getting more compliments from guests, but it’s like they aren’t even being recorded.

I’m quite frustrated especially if this is something guests can easily see when trying to select a space. If I’ve been complimented on sparkling clean 75 times I expect it should say that.

Anyone else noticing their compliments numbers don’t seem to update? What should I do to rectify this, call Airbnb? IF the compliments have no effect on guest bookings (are not visible to them) please let me know and ease my mind! haha.

Any help very much appreciated.

I seem to recall reading at some point that compliments only apply to a certain number of stays or a timeframe …?

Someone here is bound to know how it is supposed to work.

No they are not visible to the guest, other than the banner at the top of the listing, the one that says “XX recent guests complimented host on their whatever…”. It rotates, sometimes cleanliness, sometimes outstanding hospitality etc.

Try it yourself, look an Airbnb listing. Switch to travelling mode and you’ll see it as a logged in guest.


Right, I actually went ahead and did this and saw, “the last 10 guests rated this place sparkling clean” “Host also … (insert compliment here) 95% of the time” so, I guess that solves that. At least it’s not hurting me with guests.


I would still really like to see what my real # of compliments are, tallied up for each one. Makes me feel i’m doing a good job and it’s appreciated. Why wouldn’t they be updating?? so strange.

Anyway thanks for your reply.

If you’re still getting heads in beds (© @RiverRockRetreat) why worry.

I think we all over think shit sometimes, maybe this is an occasion to just accept your guests and forget Airbnb’s idiosyncrasies.


I noticed the count didn’t update a few weeks ago. Mine say 25 for sparking clean, but the actual count is 31. It was correct in November when I was looking at it. Seems like the count stopped updating in December.

Not so at least in my case. The total of my compliments are listed above the review section. And yes, the numbers are not accurate. I’ve counted up the “sparkling cleans” and they are wrong under “Progress” and also wrong on my listing.

I am wondering if they fall off after a year?
I used to have 2 comments about photos being inaccurate for the same property. Now I only have 1. The inaccurate photos were because they were expecting something new, but built old style…the listing says the building is 150 years old, they didn’t like OLD!

I have had two comments for well over a year (no towel - she had 2, and hard to find). Will they ever drop off? My compliments tally seems to ebb and flow. I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it. Also I just noticed that the compliments section that WAS posted publicly on my listing is no longer there, at least today. That also seems to appear/disappear at random.:woman_shrugging:

Really getting very over the instability of the Airbnb site. Never knowing if they have done a weird update that changes the listing, the features that come and go, bookings that come through without your prerequisites…
I check nearly every day as I don’t want to have an issue with a guest, or god forbid - have to ring the non help desk.

Hmmmm, when I look at the counts, they do seem to be accurate if you only look at the past 1 year.

It is very confusing! I’m feeling like an idiot for not keeping better track of my payouts…I need to get a better handle on that.

Not if you’re viewing a listing from Europe. What appears above the review section is the individual totals for cleanliness, communication, check in etc.

I’m now curious. Maybe when I get some time I’ll try using a VPN and see if it changes according to region.


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